Top 12 Much Needed Apps For Rooted Android Mobile

Are you searching for best apps for Rooted Android then read and Download Top 12 Best Root Apps For Android Devices.

Hello Buddies, Here in this article I am going to provide you best and top more Root Apps For Android users, I think these are apps are much needed apps for rooted Android mobile users, if you are searching best apps for your Rooted Android device, here I’m providing a pretty list for you with official website link, so can navigate these links and download the app for your device.

These apps mainly for rooted android devices, by using these apps you can improve your device performance, which apps are available from official play store without any cost. After reading the whole article you may feel this article like Rooted Apps Market.

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I think if you are in this article means you already Rooted your Android device, so you are eleigible to improve your android battery life, eradicate bloatware, get your Android work better. Sometimes Rooting is important, why because you can’t access to install some third-party apps on non-rooted android devices, but if you root, you can do many tasks on your rooted device which are impossible at non-rooted android devices.

There are immense number of benefits after rooting your Android phone. You are free to try any Custom Roms, remove stock Apps, hack games and trying to manipulate them and much more. After reading the article you can get android root apps download free.

Hey, Buddy here in this article on best apps for Rooted android devices I am going to list out top 12 apps much needed after rooting andorid devices.

  1. Titanium backup
  2. ES File Explorer
  3. Ad Blocker Plus
  4. DU Battery Saver
  5. Full! Screen
  6. Chain fire3D
  7. Smart booster
  8. 3C ToolBox
  9. Device manager
  10. System app remover
  11. kernel Adiutor
  12. Du screen Recorder

>> Titanium backup:


If you are using the rooted android device as much as, there is a chance for losing of your Apps data & personal data like company files, documents, photos etc. There is better option to ensure that, backup your data before any loosening. Titanium backup app mainly designed for rooted android device user, here we can backup & Restore your personal files into your device memory. present this app is available on official play store, here paid also available, you can download it from any third party store.


>> ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer

Es file explorer is the best-Rooted devices App. Here send the apps, files without having any shearing tools cables, mobile internet. Also, this app comes with cloud storage like DropBox, Google drive, box. So you can backup your data and access it from anywhere in the world. This having some interesting features

  • It clears the junk files and stops the background running apps without any command.
  • Lock your personal file.
  • You can access files from your pc by Wi-Fi transmission.


>> Ad blocker plus:

Ad Blocker Plus

This app mainly designed for both Android & Rooted android device users. This app runs in background and filters the ads so can access the website without any advertisements.

In sometimes you search & download any important file in a website, many downloading option present, so can’t find the genuine downloading option, in this situation ads blocker helps you. This app is not available in the official play store so we providing from official Add Block Plus, you can use this click on the link.


>> Du Battery Saver:

DU Battery aver (PC: PhoneArena)

Du battery saver having some features like Battery optimising, background Junk cleaner, Battery saver widget, so it will reduce the consumption, you can add skills to your battery. These make your batter colorfully.

Du Battery Saver is the best app your battery, If you are using your android device continues it will be dried, it effect on the life of the battery, so the Du battery observes the all the apps in the device and provide real-time charging. For keeping  your device healthy. Present this app is available on official play store.


>> Full! Screen:

Full! Screen

Full! screen app is best alternate for some  other video players, in some video player we losing some screen for bottom and top bars, but this app overcome this disadvantage by providing replacement panel on the side of screen without damaging any system functions,  so you watch the movies, games and reading books on the big screen, This app mainly runs on android 3+ versions rooted mobile.


>> Chain fire3D:

Chain fire3D

Chain fire 3d is nothing but an intermediate application for rooted android devices. it means the app can be adjusted in between the apps and device graphics driver. And it changes commands between them, and it having some features like reducing texture, increase graphics etc. but this app not compactable for ice-cream sandwich/jelly


>> Smart booster:

Smart booster

This is a simple application for both rooted and non-rooted communities. And it not consume more space install, but the other reaming apps consume more memory for install, also This app having many features like

  • Smart Ram Booster,
  • Advanced application manager,
  • Quick SD Card cleaner,
  • Fast cache Cleaner.

This app is available on official play store.


>> 3C ToolBox:

3C ToolBox App For Rooted Android

3c toolbox is nothing but Giant toolbox, it contains different categories of tools like monitor controls sound controls, software controls etc. This app is suitable for both rooted and non-Rooted devices. And it is available on official Google play store.


>> Device manager:

Device manager is the best app for the rooted android device. Which having several features like App manager, Editor, Generator, wireless file manager. And You can find it from official play store with free of cost.


>> System app remover:

System app remover

System app remover is use full for different purposes like app uninstaller, app mover to SD, app scanner, installer etc. And it also similar to a free paid app available on Google play store.

  • Note: if you want to uninstall system apps, root permission is needed.


>> Kernel Adiutor:

kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor is a typical application for a rooted device, which deals with the kernel of the device, it is are sits in between application and system hardware. Now you checked out from Google play store.


>> Du screen Recorder:

Du screen Recorder

This is the best screen recorder, with the help this you can easily record games, popular shows, and make Tutorials’ with high quality. While it is available for both rooted and no rooted devices. So you can get it from play store without money.



That’s it friends, I think these apps are very helpful after rooting your android devices, when because in the recent times Rooting is very tuff job, sometimes it comes with easy steps, but after rooting many people are struggle to find the much need apps for Rooted android devices. So many of my users asked for the article on best root apps list in 2017, after doing to many experiments, I Finally, listed some of the top needed apps for rooted android mobiles.

Finally, I conclude this article is mainly about “Top Rooting apps for android without PC”. If these are helpful for you after rooting your android device, then share this article with your buddies. Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit back to FixiOSDownloads.