Why Not To Buy The Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z, touted as the best of Sony in a smartphone, really does not stand up to the tall claims.Feature wise, it only offers what any other smart phone in the 25-30000 RS market offer, so being priced at RS 38000 is not very competitive. Here is the specs comparison between LG Optimus 4X ( which is available in the market for RS 25000  ) and the Sony Xperia Z.

LG Optimus 4X vs Sony Xperia Z
We can that it is too close a fight between the two smartphones instead of a 13000 RS price gap, well if you are planning to take a swim with your phone in your trunks then the price is worth it ( I Suppose? ).
Secondly, let me come to the part of this article where a share a personal experience, or the experience of my friend rather.
My friend bought the Sony Xperia Z about a week back. Probably due to the extensive marketing from Sony about toughness of this phone, his mind did not think twice to put a phone and a watch in the same pocket.Here is what happened.
If this phone cant handle a few minutes in the pocket with a watch, why is it marketed to have really tough glass and scratch proof metal?
This is not the worst part. When contacted, Sony said it was not their fault and the warranty does not cover the damage that has occurred. They say the glass on the Sony Xperia Z is not replaceable and hence a new device needs to be bought and Sony “generously” offered a 20% discount on a new phone.Great customer service indeed.
I have seen an iPhone drop from the pocket of a person riding a bike and still operate even while the glass was heavily scratched and the repair cost for the iPhone was only 6000 RS for heavy damage, but this small scratch cannot seem to be repaired.
The phone does not work anymore, hopefully Sony will see this case and issue a replacement to the owner of the damaged smartphone and solve this problem.
To prospective buyers of this phone, I can only tell you that it is a risk buying the Sony Xperia Z, because Sony is offering very poor after sales service, if something did go wrong with your phone, you may be left hanging by Sony.
As a review website, I must say that this may be a one off case, hopefully others have not faced the same problems with the Sony Xperia Z. Please leave your comments below.

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