Top 5 Applications You Must Have On Your Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly a huge launch for Samsung this year, and it’s been most advisable Android mobile phone since its release. Galaxy S3 went huge on advancement, with a lot of fresh functions the rumors hadn’t thought of. However, the very first thing which will you observe will be the size. Samsung has demonstrated that it can make a success of huge displays using the 5.3 “screen on the Galaxy Note.
There are lots of amazing apps for this amazing smart phone; however, we have also picked up some amazing apps for your Samsung Galaxy SIII which can turn your Smartphone in to Super phone.

1. Instagram (Free)

Samsung Galaxy S3 has an improved 8 Mega Pixel camera along with really fast response times which is one of the first thing you would like to test in your Galaxy SIII and also has the ability for taking images while you are capturing 1080p video clip. Instagram is a wonderful approach for sharing your stuff with world. It is free, really fast & fun app for Galaxy S3!

You can share your photographs in an easy photo stream with your friends – and same way you can follow photos of your friends by just clicking a single button. Instagram is really wonderful and every time when you open it, you will see something fresh.

2. Samsung Remote (Free)

Samsung Remote control Application will help you control your Samsung TV, Blue Ray Players and other Samsung products effortlessly once you have connected them on the same Wi-Fi router.

Key Features of Samsung Remote App

Remote you can use your Galaxy SIII as remote control for your Samsung TV and other Samsung products.

Bluetooth Power On – You can also use your Galaxy S3 to start your TV using Bluetooth.

Game Controller – You can use your phone to control games on TV with this feature.

So if you have a lounge filled with Samsung equipments, then you can download Samsung remote app and use your Galaxy S3 to regulate your Samsung TV and other Samsung products.

3. Flight Track

Fight Track is a must have application for your Galaxy S3 if you are a frequent flyer. This app will provide you real time status of flights and map monitoring of flights around the world.

This is one of the best flights tracking application available for android phones! Now you can facilitate your tablets as well with this amazing app! You can Keep track of flights with stunning maps or acquire live departure details, gate numbers and delays right away. Total worldwide coverage implies that you are able to keep track of your flights anywhere in world. You will be get updated for any cancellations and even guide you to find an alternate flight. It is quite marvelous.

4. Root Explorer

Root Explorer is an ultimate app to manage files for route users. If you have to a phone and want a file manager then your search ends here. It is rock steady and worth single penny of yours, looks no further.

Key elements includes Text Editor, SQLite database viewer, extract Rar archives, create and extract zip, execute scripts, multi-select, search, bookmark, permissions, sending files (through Bluetooth, emails etc), thumbnails for images, change file group/owner, APK binary XML viewers, create symbolic link, “Open With” facility, create shortcuts and lot more.

5. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser is one of the easiest, fastest and most entertaining mobile Web browsers. Download this free mobile browser app and join over 50 million users who are enjoying distinctive functions of this élite mobile web browser.

Dolphin HD is one of the most effective android browsers. To provide customers more control over every single settings developers are working towards it, which will be really fantastic.

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