Stock ICS Android 4.0 Messaging App Not Working?

While updating the firmware on my phone, I noticed that for some reason, the Stock ICS Android 4.0 Messaging App stopped working and kept crashing after every few minutes with the message “Sorry, Messaging App is not working”. Well I did try a few things, any of these tips can help you solve your problem –

  • Download the apk of the Stock ICS Android 4.0 Messaging App, which is available in some forums where people have modded or customized the Stock ICS Android 4.0 Messaging App and made it available for download.
  • Use other popular messaging applications such as GOSMS etc. These apps, you can download for free from the Google App Store.
  • Reboot and factory reset your phone to check if it solved the problem, remember, if you factory reset your phone, you will lose all the information you have stored on it.
  • Another option would be to contact customer service for your phone, they may be able to help you out.

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