Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World 2013

Nowadays in this materialistic world people are not judged by the hidden qualities that they have but they are judged on the basis of their status. Mobile phones in this world have gained the maximum importance rather than anything else. We require internet connections, chit chatting with our friends, lots of apps and games in our phone and sorry I’m missing the most important thing that is calling or in other words connecting through wireless communications through our mobile. Mobile has it’s own Pros and Cons but we are not here to discuss them we are here to discuss about the latest and expensive mobile this year that will help you to stand out from the crowd. So have a look on these phones.

iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker:

Price: $3.2 Million
This phone was initially designed by the famous Goldstriker International For an New Zealand businessman who tended to buy it. You might be shocked to know that it weighs about 372 grams and loaded with 22 carat of gold and about 140 diamonds approximately each worth 89 carats . It is the most luxurious phone ever of all time.

iPhone 3G Kings Button:

Price: $2.5 Million
The design of the iPhone 3G Kings Button was crafted by the person world famous all over Peter Aloisson, you might be knowing that he was the one that designed the model of Crypio Smartphones . It is almost embedded up with lots of gold of yellow , rose and white color of about 19 carats..It ‘s a bountiful experience to operate this phone.

Gold Vish Le Million:

Price: 51.3 Million
A Swedish designer almost famous in all parts of the world Emmanuei Gucil, Designed this phone .It is the fourth top expensive and luxurious mobile phone in the international market.It was firstly purchased by a Russian ambassadors . The phone is full of White gold worth Rs 16 cr and on the other side with diamonds worth Rs 120 crore approximately.

Diamond Crypto Smart Phone:

Price: $1.3 Million
This phone was made by a great designer Peter Alonisson which almost spent most of his investments in it’s design at an average about 1.4 million dollars.This creative and expensive mobile phone was made from yellow gold of about 18 carats and it’s corners embedded with 50 diamonds of 35 carats each. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot Price $1 million A famous company named as Gresso which was previously know for it’s luxury cell phones and other branded boutiques .had designed this phone . This phone was embedded with almost pure gold rarely existing black diamond are also included in it which are 300 years older. It’s front cover is almost covered by the black diamonds which weighs about 45.6 k.

Verto Signature Cobra:
Price: $310000
This is a special edition phone worth $310000 millions which was manufactured by Verto. This phone was beautifully decorated with a pear of diamond and one of gold and with two emeralds . And this is not enough along with all these there are 440 rubies embedded on it . But still it is said to be the most ugliest mobile phones in the world.

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