5 Best File Manager Apps For Android

All the smartphones come with a pre-installed file manager from the manufacturer. Some of the basic tasks which these file manager performs are copy, paste, delete, hide, rename and many more. We can say that these are some of the standard features which every inbuilt manager is providing but it’s not the end my friends. There are a couple of advanced jobs also such as file transfer, change extension, security etc. which are usually not provided in default file manager.

If you’re using Motorola Smartphone then you can easily notice that file manager is missing from their Android operation system. At that time, third-party apps come is presence. There are more than 20 such apps available over Google play store. We have bundled them together here with their some of the best awesome features.

1. File Expert

it’s tagged as one of the most friendly file managers for Android. It’s easy to use interface makes it out of the world. Some of the best features are:

  1. USB drive access via OTG cable.
    2. Auto-categorize files such as music, photos, videos, eBooks, documents, and apps.
    3. Support FTP, LAN, SFTP, FTPS and many more file sharing protocol.
    4. Print your documents, pictures wirelessly without any USB cable.
    5. Increase downloading speed.
    6. Just root your phone and have access to all file system and data directories.
    7. Compress and decompress your rar, zip and 7z format files.

Pricing: – Free & in-app purchases start from $2.99.
Compatibility: – Android 4.1 and up

2. File Explorer

The thing which makes it different from others is its material UI design. This app comes with awesome, user friendly and easy to use interface. Previously it was known as FX file manager.

  1. Transfer files between two phones using FX connect.
    2. Connect two phones by physical touch through NFC.
    3. Share and transfer files from computer to devices with a brand new feature Web Access.
    4. Comes with multiple windows view at a single time.
    5. Fx includes some built-in editing apps such as Hex viewer, image viewer, media player, compression & decompression tools, rar file extractor, Shell script executer and many more.
    6. Use one password for cloud and network locations.

Pricing: – Free Trial & in-app purchases of $2.50
Compatibility: – Android 2.1 and up

3.Gira File Manager

One more app in our list ranked at third position by us. Simple, intuitive interface and elegant features make it ranks higher than other apps in the market. Just a few clicks and you can manage your files stored on your internal storage, SD card or cloud storage.

  1. Packed with multiple cloud account support such as Drop box, Google Drive.
    Extract compressed files in Zip, RAR, Tar, Tar.gz, Tgz, Tar.bz2, and Tbz formats.
    2. Take a backup of app installed in the device with the help of application manager.
    3. It supports supports 29 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Norwegian.

Pricing: – Free & in-app purchases
Compatibility: – Varies with device

4. ES File Explorer

it’s a file manager for both local and networked use with over 300 million worldwide users. It won’t be wrong to tag it as a multi-tasker android app. As everything is bundled inside it from a file accessing to a remote control.
1. It has more cloud options (Drop box, Box.net, Sugar sync, Google Drive, One Drive (SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex) than Gira file manager.
2. Kill tasks with a single click and save RAM up to a large extent.
3. Delete junk and temporary files with in-built cache cleaner.

Pricing: – Free
Compatibility: – Android 4.0 and up

5. File Commander

Last but not the least File commander is a free but ad-supported tool. You can purchase premium version too which offer some advanced tool such as storage analyser, recycle bin, secure more and removal of ads.

Pricing: – Free & in-app purchases of $3.99
Compatibility: – Android 4.0 and up.

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