Pokemon Go Problem & Fixes | How to Set Pokemon Go Problems

In this Session I have Discussed, How to Fix All Pokemon Go problem For iOS iPhone/iPad mini/iPod touch, Here You can also Find Some pokemon go tips & Working solutions for Pokemon Go Problems without any jailbreaking.

Pokemon Go Problems & Solutions: Pokemon Go is an awesome game which is available for absolutely free. It is a very addictive game and definitely not bores its players. It is a fun game by playing which we can also explore our real surroundings and environment in order to search creatures and also to capture them. Once we have captured then we can also be scattered them around our neighborhoods to create landmarks. Sounds good right. All this makes this an totally famous games and it is extremely addictive too.

Watch Complete Steps To Fix Pokemon Go Problem

Everyone absolutely loves playing this game. We all must have amazing childhood memories of playing various Pokemon games like Pikachu, Bulbasaur,  etc. Many of us have lovely memories of collecting Pokemon cards and stickers. The recently launched Pokemon Go game is bringing love childhood memories back. You can cherish all of them by playing this amazing game and relive your childhood.

But, there are many problems and issues face while playing the game. But o worries we will provide you with the list of top 9 Pokemon Go issues along with its fixes. In the same way, you can fix pokemon go android. You can also play by avoiding pokemon Go Problems and Using Fly GPS APk For iOS/Android.

Pokemon Go Problem 1: Unable to Find any Pokemon near me

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Pokemon Go, then you can automatically set up gyms, Pokemon nearby and many similar things. Many gamers usually face trouble that they are unable to locate Pokemon near to them. The best and single solution of this Pokemon GO problem is to drop an email to Niantic. You have to bring it to their notice.

You all are very well aware that this game is officially released only in 3 countries that are

Australia, New Zealand or the USA hence it is not possible for you to locate any Pokemon as the game hasn’t been released officially in other countries except these 3.

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Pokemon Go Problem 2: Issue during installing Pokemon Go Game (Android/iOS) devices

IF you are an android user then Pokemon Go needs certain requirements to be fulfilled. The basic is that it needs minimum 2 GB of RAM for the seamless game. Also, the game will not function on Intel Processors. Android 4.4.4 or higher version is must

If you are an IOS device users then there is a need for iOS 8 or higher versions like iOS 10, iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.2, 9.3.1.Also iOS 9.3, iOS 8.4.1,8.4 & 8.3, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.2 & 9.1, iOS 9.

If you are not able to fulfill any of these requirements then you may face an error saying ‘Pokemon Go Not Able to Installed’ or ‘ Pokemon Go Crashing While Installing’ or may be ‘Pokemon Go Not Compatible’.

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Pokemon Go Problem 3: GPS Signal Not Found or Failed to Detect Location

This is a basic issue faced by a majority gamer. Below things must be ensured to solve this issue.

  • The initial step is to turn GPS on and off.
  • Reboot the device or re-installing the game is another option.
  • Make sure the GPS is set to ‘High Accuracy’.
  • If all these does not work then you must access the ‘Developer Options’. Go to Settings>> System/About Phone and click ‘Build Number‘ 7 times. Again go to Settings>> System.

Pokemon Go Problem GPS signal not found Failed to detect location

  • You will be able to see ‘Developer Options‘ now disable ‘Allow Mock Locations‘.
  • Now You need to have maximum sky visibility as GPS won’t work properly in an area full of sky scrappers
  • You must live in USA, Australia or New Zealand since in other countries this Pokemon Go will not work.

If you want more Information about this then Recently, I have written a Post on Pokemon Go Failed toDetect location, which had become more popular and It is still working really.

Pokemon Go Problem 4: Items Purchased using Gold Missing From Account

I order to solve this problem you need to sign out from the account via Settings area. If this I not helping then try rebooting your android or iOS device.

Pokemon Go Problem 5: Consumes A Lot of Battery

We all are very well aware that Pokemon Go makes use of GPS Sensors, Compass and Internet data during the entire gaming session this will undoubtedly consume your battery at a faster rate as compared with normal games. The only solution for this issue si that you can carry the extra battery or power bank along. And more over Niantic is working to fix this issue and also to address as to what is causing this more than required battery consumption. If you are followed pokemon go cheats then It will have a chance to get a ban.

Pokemon Go Problem 6: Game Not Available In Your Countries

WE all know that Pokemon Go is officially released only in USA, New Zealand and Australia. Other countries don’t have access to the official release of this amazing game. Bu if you are looking forward to playing this amazing game then you can use Pokemon Go Fake Location or by faking GPS Trick to Move Anywhere Without Moving.

To know more details about this Kind Problem and Fix it and avoid this Pokemon Go problem permanently by using play pokemon go without moving/fake GPS location.

Pokemon Go Problem 7: Pokemon Go Game Unable to Open

If you are residing countries like Australia, New Zealand or the USA and are still unable to open this game on your android or iOS device then the probable reason is that servers of the game are overloaded or we can say servers are down.

The game has got immediate success after its release. It is obvious that Pokemon Go game servers are not able to handle huge traffic than they actually anticipated.

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Pokemon Go Problem 8: How to delete Pokemon Go account?

All you need to do is to visit the official website of Niantic and fill out a form.

The basic requirement is to mention your email address. Mention the subject line as ‘Delete Account. If you have any additional information about your account you can also mention that too. Make sure you read all the boxes and mark a check on it. Then click on ‘Submit’ button. You can also add an attachment if you have any.

Pokemon Go Problem 9: No Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is a highly advanced game. It was rumored that it has incorporated Augmented Reality. But if any of the hardware configuration is not fulfilled then the games gets downgraded to a lower version so that other device can support it.