Pokemon Go Failed To Detect location/GPS Signal Not Found Errors Fix Right Now

Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location/GPS Signal Not Found Problems: Pokemon Go is a wonderful and entertaining game which has gained a huge attraction among the players. The moment it got released it has to take the entire gaming industry by storm. Almost everyone is playing this amazing games and are very much interested in getting more solutions for Fake GPS Pokemon go failed to detect location. If you are searching for pokemon go failed to detect location fake GPS then this article is the perfect solution for your problem.

At first stages of Pokemon Go releases it is only available in USA, Canada, Australia etc places. But if want plays Pokemon Go game on your own place then read my article on Download Fly GPS Apk to Spoof the Location & Fake GPS creator, which allows you to play Pokemon Go on your country by Pokemon Go Hack.


But there are few common issues faced by the games that they are not able to detect the location properly along with that they are facing few GPS signal issues. Main issues like “Pokemon Go failed to detect the location on iOS, Android, iPhone“, “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone or pokemon go failed to detect location“. There is one secret emulator for iOS/iPhone/iPad to get amazing Apps for free of cost that is zestia. But, no worries you can easily fix it without working hard. There is the total of 2 methods involved to fix this issues. Some Pokemon Go users are getting errors like Pokemon Go Account Soft Banned. Read my previous article to Recover/Un-Banned Pokemon Go Account.

Let’s read more to fix Pokemon Go failed to detect the location on Android, iPhone. After reading this article you can also fix GPS Signal not found Pokemon Go Android, iPhone. If you want to play Pokemon Go without Moving or without walking, you can also refer my previous article.

First Method: Fix Pokemon GO Failed to Detect Location/GPS Signal in Pokemon Go game

There are many people facing the same issue like Pokemon Go failed to detect the location on Android/iOS/iPhone, Pokemon Go signal not found on Android/iPhone. If you are searching for those errors then you are in the right place to fix Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone, iPad.


This the basic method which-which many dedicated gamers have shared in Reddit forums. This usually occurs most of the time when the mobile device automatically goes turn off the current location settings. I order to fix this problem there are few easy steps given below you can quickly follow it and fix the issue.

  • Step 1) The initial step is to go to Settings option on your device and chose Location Option.
  • Step 2) If you find it to be turned off then you need to turn it on by tapping the ON button.
  • Step 3) The next thing which you have to do is to put the Location Settings into Open Mode. This will give high accuracy to Pokemon Go.
  • Step 4) After successfully finishing all the steps you just need to launch the app Pokemon Go game. Now you will not be able to see ‘Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location or GPS not found’ issue in the game.

If you are not successful in the method one to rectify the issues then you don’t need to be disheartened there is one more amazing method to fix it

You may like:

  • Download ienchantify ios 10/10.1.1/10.2/10.2.1
  • Download iemuhub 10/10.1.1/10.2/10.2.1/9.3.5/9.2.1/8.1

In case you are facing issues like ‘We are not detecting your phone’s orientation would you like to turn off AR mode’ in that case also method 2 will be helpful.

Second Method: Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location or ‘GPS Not Found’:

This second method is an amazing trick that will work seamlessly and will also fix the issues like ‘Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location and GPS Not Found ‘.

  • Step 1) In order to begin you need to turn off Mock Locations in the window of developer Settings. You will find it in the About Phone option.
  • Step 2) The next step is to restart the mobile device once you have turned off mock locations.
  • Step 3) Now, set the location to High Security to rectify the problem easily.

After successfully complete all the steps you are good to go and can launch the game, you will see that the error is fixed this time.