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How to Unjailbreak iPhone: Hai Geeks Today, in this article, I am going to tell you how to UnJailbreak your iPhone with fewer efforts. Well, there are a number of ways to UnJailbreak your iPhone but will tell you a few and I will also explain the whole steps and all process of that. Now you may be wondering that what is JailBreaking, so let me tell you that making unauthorized changes and modifications in your iPhone’s software can lead to the violation of your iPhone’s software license agreement and if something happens then it’s repaired will not come under warranty thing.  Here in this article, I will give you a brief introduction about”How to UnJailbreak iOS Without iTunes“.

Note: Actually, Cydia impactor doesn’t work with iOS 9.3.3 which means you can’t use Cydia impactor to remove all jailbreak files from your iDevice, so try to use Cydia impactor tools on rest iOS versions which are below to iOS 9.3.3.

Cydia impactor Tool Download to UnJailbreak iPhone Without Computer:

What is Cydia impactor? I think everyone has a common question like How to remove Jailbreak from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Without PC/Mac Computer, for those people who have that question, Cydia impactor is the answer, yes, Cydia impactor is a UnJailbreking tool which removes all the jailbroken data from iPhone and restores your original iDevice back.

But now coming back to the topic all I can say is that if you want to UnJailbreak your iPhone then you need to follow this tutorial as this can be done by using software which includes beta,  Cydia impactor etc. So now I will tell you how one can UnJailbreak his/ her iPhone using Cydia impactor tool. So let’s get started UnJailbreak iOS and remove All files, folders, and internal modifications will be reverted back to how Apple intended, and Cydia will be entirely removed.

Benefits of UnJailbreaking iPhone:

  1. After UnJailbreaking your iDevice you will get your device warranty back.
  2. Apple never thinks like you are violating their privacy & policy terms.

Steps to UnJailbreak using Cydia impactor tool:

Note: Before I start let me tell you that this Cydia impactor does not work in the 6th generation iPhone’s and iPods and these devices have no choice. But people having other than 6th generation can follow these underwritten steps:

Step 1) The first and the foremost thing to do is to take out your iPhone and then backup all your data using iTunes or iCloud. So that you won’t face any data loss problem because this process may lead to your data loss.

Step 2) Then you have to make sure that your battery is enough charged so that the operation can be done on your iPhone, at least 20% of battery is mandatory to start this process otherwise you may face iPhone damage issue.

Step 3) Now you need to install “Cydia impactor” and in case you are having this app already then it is well and good as you can proceed now.

Step 4) Run Cydia impactor and then tap on delete all data and jailbreak too and then confirm it.

Step 5) Now, all you need to do is to wait till your iPhone is jailbreaker and you find another home screen that is welcoming you. Now just get started with it.

Restore Backup files After UnJailbreaking iOS:

So this is one of the easiest ways to UnJailbreak your iPhone, there are many other simple methods too like- restoring the previous version and this can be done simply by following these steps:

Step 1) Again in this process too you need to first backup all your data through iTunes or By iCloud.

Step 2) Now open the summary tab you will find a restore button option. And you just have to tap on that it will automatically restore your previous UnJailbreaked version and then you just need to restore your data again.

Step 3) After this , our iPhone will automatically restart and you will see another welcome home screen popping out of your screen, now you are with your new UnJailbreaked iPhone and now you can enjoy the warranty period too. So this was all about how to UnJailbreak iPhone, hope it will be helpful.

That’s it, Geeks, try this UnJailbreak method which works fine, I did my level best to give you best solution for your UnJailbreaking problems. If you get info whatever you need, consider share with your friends too, we are always here for you, If you face any errors while installing let me know through comments. This article is nothing but”How to get rid of Jailbreak” & “How to UnJailbreak iPhone(iOS) Without Computer“. For more updates visit again, Thank’s for visiting.