How To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere & Latest Tweaks To Go Anywhere

All Pokemon Go players may feel unhappy due to not playing their desired Locations, But Now This is Possible, And You are going to Know How To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere in the World Without Any Spoofing or Fake Location. This is become easier to users for playing the Game Daily at our Desired Location.

  • After use this tweak you Pokemon Go may get softbanned, if you want get rid of Pokemon Go ban then read How to remove soft ban Pokemon Go

Pokemon go mod apk is very much popular, Because of Tweaks are updated every day for users to play the Game More Interesting. However, You won’t go to anywhere without walking or jumping. But By the End of this Post, You will go to your desired Location by a single Tap on Map.

How To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere

Most of the people want to jump or Walk to long distances but I bet You won’t walk at least 20-30 Feets in cities without catching Pokemon GO or Watching Other players who trying to Catch pokemon. Pokemon Go users, Who wanted to play Pokemon Game anywhere in the world, follow me with this post. With this Guide, You can catch the Pokemon at anywhere you want. Hey, Kudo Download Pokemon Go ++ which is pokemon Go latest tweaked version.

All Pokemon Go Players want to play pokemon at Home or from where they sit, But in most of the cases, It is difficult to play like that. But now I am sharing that Jailbreak tweak. If you followed this trick then you can go anywhere for playing Pokemon GO. Let’s See How It is…


  • Jailbroken or Non Jailbreak iDevice
  • Cydia
  • Repos ( Shown in the Below steps)

How To Get Hack To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere:

You can get a trick to play pokemon GO anywhere do you like. When you have this trick, Just tap on your desired location to get easily. Friends, this is not related to Spoof technique, or You don’t need to jump from present place to the desired one.

You have to Enter Tap anywhere on map By a simply tapping on Map. Most of the Players walking around the Map instead of searching for Teleporting which is More difficult. There may be a chance to get slight soft ban errors while using this kind of trick, So, You need to aware of that.

Up to Now, You have Known something New About Pokemon Go Anywhere, So, Let’s Follow Me to know How To  Use this Tweak:

  • Go to Home screen Apps and Open Cydia App.
  • Now, Just Try to “Reload Sources“.
  • Here, You have to Add Repos.
  • So, Use these Repos, To Add ““.
  • If Above Repo is Not working Don’t Worry I found Latest Repo For you,  Add this “”  And Tap on Ok.
  • Now, Go to Search Box, And Enter “PokemonGO Anywhere” Then Tap on Install.

That’s’ It friends, Now, You can go anywhere and Catch the Pokemon. Here is only one defect that is You are facing towards north only in the Entire Game.

How To Go Anywhere in Pokemon Go WithOut Jailbreak:

You can get a Fake location without going to make any jailbreak on your device. Here, I am providing a step by step procedure for you. Let’s See How to Do this:

Download Pokemon Go Controller App:

In the Above steps, I am discussing How to play Pokemon Go Anywhere on Jailbroken Device, But In the Following Steps, You can play this game anywhere on your iOS or iPhone device without the need of any jailbreak action.

  • This is Location Spoofing App that allows you to anywhere while catching Pokemon GO.
  • With this tool, You can play pokemon Game at anywhere with more comfortable.
  • It consists of a Controller that can help to move in all directions.
  • To get this App for free, You need to Add “AppDB Repo” From Cydia.

If you are using an Android Device then Follow the Below Steps, To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere without walking or moving.

Xposed Pokemon Go:

  • This is App used on Android Devices to Get Android hack.
  • To use this App, First of all, Go to Xposed Framework & Then Enable “Xposed Pokemon Module“.
  • Now, Restart your Android Device at once.
  • When You Opened the Pokemon Go Game, You will find Controlling Arrows.
  • This is Your Controller. That’s it, Now, You can use this.

Pokemon Go Anywhere Jailbreak iPhone, iPad:

Step 1) First of all open Cydia.

Step 2) Click on “Sources” at the bottom of the Cydia.

Step 3) Now tap on “Add” at the top right corner.

Tap on Add Sources

Step 4) Now you will get one pop-up like “Enter Cydia/APT URL“, Now enter the Below Url.


Step 5) After entering the Url, click on “Add Source“.

Step 6) After adding the sorce navigate to the Cydia and search for the “Pokemon Go Anywhere“.

Click on Pokemon Go Anywher

That’s it, Guys, Finally, I have completed My task Now, It’s your Turn. Have a Fun and Enjoy the Pokemon Go Anywhere with your desired location.