Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

Any laptop owner will more than likely know only too well how annoying it can be to be using a laptop whilst on the move, whilst constantly having to keep an eye on how much juice the battery has left. Will be enough to allow you to complete the all-important tasks you need to get finished off? It always seems that when you need your laptop the most, your battery runs down to the final few percent of power, and there isn’t a mains power socket available to use. If it happens often, you may want to consider upgrading your battery, or the entire laptop, to ensure that you aren’t constantly being caught short when it matters most. But if splashing out on new hardware sounds a little extreme, you should take these few tips on how to prolong the life of your laptop’s battery into consideration:

Don’t Run Too Many Programs at Once

Running numerous programs at any one time will dramatically increase the power consumed by your laptop. Close down any programs running in the background that you don’t necessarily need to have running. This will reduce the demand on your battery, thus increasing the amount of usage you could get from it.

Dim the Screen

Most modern laptops will allow you to control how bright the screen is. Dimming your screen will save on power consumption dramatically. Unless you need it bright, tone it down!

Minimise the Number of External Devices

Unless they are completely necessary, remove any external devices from your laptop, such as iPods, external drives etc. These devices are all powered by your battery, causing unnecessary strain on it. Remove them and increase the life of your battery.

Keep the Points Clean

Ensuring that the connection points of your battery are clean will prevent power from being wasted. Clean points means that the maximum amount of electricity can pass directly to the laptop, without being wasted.

Use ‘Battery Saving’ Mode

Modern computers often give users the opportunity to select a power saving mode, or similar. This will ensure that your computer is only performing functions that are completely necessary in order to complete a given task. The function is very useful and should be utilised.

Keep It Cool

Laptops running at higher temeperature use up more energy. Keep them cool with fans and by ensuring that air vents are clear will help save your battery.

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