How to Prevent and Reduce Laptop Overheating?

As they say, prevention is better than cure thus it is best that you know how to prevent laptop overheating so you can worry less on how to lengthen your laptop’s battery life.

Keeping it cool
There are several simple and easy ways to prevent laptop overheating. Externally, you can make use of cooling fans while using your laptops. These act like an exhaust fan that sucks up hot air from the bottom surface of your computer and blows it out. Always check the vent fan though, oftentimes foreign particles like dust clog it and cause your laptop to overheat more quickly.

Another way is by attaching rubber feet under each corner of your laptop. There are little self-adhesive rubbers you can find in hardware shops that you can stick to the bottom of each corner of your computer to somewhat elevate it a bit and allow hot air flow out and cooler air flow in (or at least add vent and let the air circulate).

Cooling from within
You can also try to become a computer mechanic and clean out the cooling unit of your laptop. Laptop overheating can mean serious damage to your gadget and as much as possible, you would want to prevent that from happening. So you would need to unscrew the bottom of your laptop check the vent and fans and clean them. By cleaning this means you just need to get rid of the dust, dirt and other particles that have accumulated there over time.

Useful tips
And yet there are other healthy computer habits you should learn to practice to avoid laptop overheating. Avoid placing a pillow or blanket under your laptop when using it, this right away blocks air from circulating into the unit thus causes your laptop to heat up quicker than usual. Check the BIOS settings of your laptop. Generally, your operating system would have software settings that should alert your computer of the heat and allow the fans to kick in. You want to optimize these settings to help reduce laptop overheating.
Remember, once your laptop automatically shuts down (or freezes) after several hours of using is, overheating may be the most probable cause. Do not attempt to turn it back on immediately, instead, let it cool down for a couple of minutes (or even for an hour or so). There isn’t too much of a damage laptop overheating can do but, if this happens repeatedly and if you continue to neglect proper handling of your laptop, this may result to serious and permanent.

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