How To Format a Hard Drive on your Windows 8 Computer

Just like the old saying, “Nothing is perfect” – This is also can be applicable both to humans and machines. Computers especially, are not perfect since they were created by imperfect beings. They hang, burn, crash, get infected and become abnormally slow due to one systematic issue or the other.
Have you ever watched your Windows 8 computer crash before your eyes due to virus infections in one of the hard drives? Ever thought of how to format that very hard drive that was affected?
In case you’re still not sure whether formatting the affected hard drive is the right approach to use, below are 4 reasons why you should seriously consider it as the best process to undertake:


  • It will clean the hard drive properly, removing unwanted files and folder that may pose a treat to your computer.
  • It will permanently destroy stubborn virus that some anti-virus can’t detect or erase.
  • It will drastically improve the Writing and reading of data from the drive.
  • It will make your operating system to function the way it ought to function (With no error).
Having seen the sensible reasons – Below is a wonderful tutorial on how to format your hard drive on your windows 8 device:
The first thing step you should take before formatting the hard drive is to activate the “Runutility”. Activate it by pressing down (Windows logo + R) and immediately the “Runutility” will pop-up as shown below. Type in “diskmgmt.msc” in the search bar and click “OK”.
As shown below -Windows Disk Management will pop up immediately you click “OK”. Now, to effectively format the specific hard drive, you’ll need to right-click on the hard drive you want to format and click on “Format”.
Presently, all my computer hard drives are functioning perfectly – So I’ll use an external hard drive to show you exactly how to go ahead with the formatting.

A little window will pop-up at once prompting you to make some changes; leave everything like that and  just click “OK” (Except you want to change the name of your hard drive, you can change the current name to anything you like – just erase the current name and input the name you want.)

Immediately after clicking “OK”, a warning window will come up reminding you that this process will erase everything in the hard drive you’ve chosen to format; click “OK” and continue (I’m assuming all the data in the hard drive you’ve chosen to format is totally useless to you; if not, back up any important data you still want and click “OK”.).

After clicking “OK” – Windows Disk Management will begin to format your hard drive as shown below. It will take a few minutes to thoroughly format the hard drive – depending on how large the hard drive is.

Windows Disk Management has successfully formatted the hard drive as shown below. To be sure – go straight to your “MY COMPUTER” on your Windows 8 computer and check to see whether the hard drive is still stuffed with data.
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