How To Find Games For Your Linux OS

If you are a gamer and want to play games in your Linux OS then it can be done with all legal steps that you must not have known before. Most of the people do not know about that how they can install and configure games for the Linux OS.

There is a methodology of doing that in an easy and legal way. You must only know the title of the game that you wish to play. So here are few good steps by which you can find games for your Linux OS:

1. There can be various many categories of the games that you would like to play on Linux OS. Some of them are developed to run on Linux while the others are meant for other OS. Other section is of browser based games. For each of the type, you have to follow a different approach.

2. Firstly, let’s talk about the games that are developed top run natively on Linux. This is a much easier section that you can try as there would be not much of problem when you will try to run them on Linux OS. You can find and get these games in the ways mentioned below:

Software repositories

The software repositories can be one place where you will find games with much easy installation process. For that you will only have to select the desired package and get it downloaded and installed. If you do not know about the specific game titles but you wish to have a large variety of game then you must search games. Software repositories help you a lot in this searching. Many distribution platforms show you the game ratings that are good to know about the quality of the games. The Popularity column tells you a lot about any specific game. Adding repositories also help you in your games quest.

Manual downloads

Manually downloading and getting the games meant for Linux OS is another good way. These kinds of games will be found in either executable .DEB or .RPM packages and zipped archives. OpenArena is an example that must be cited here.

Games sources
Many of the game sources are like Ubuntu Gamer Arena, Playdeb, Ubuntu forums, Gaming, Leisure section, Dedoimedo and Linux gaming section.

3. Secondly, we come to the Windows games. While some of the games will run smooth the others many not run at all. Though there is not 100% guarantee of your favorite Windows game running on Linux OS but you can surely try this method. There are tools that can help you in this regard. CrossOver, Cedega, WINE and Virtualization are some of the software tools that will let you to get Windows games for the Linux (not all of them though).

4. DOS games used to run on the Microsoft DOS and the previous versions of Windows. Though many of the companies have restricted/abandoned these games but these are loved by many and can be got onto the Linux OS by the utility known as DOSBox. The DOSBox is a good and powerful x86 PC emulator that is all complete with graphics, mouse, sound and modem. You can easily run old DOS games with its assistance which otherwise are not played my modern operating systems.

5. Browser games are only browser games and they are not at all Linux. They keep on running whenever or wherever the browser runs. As most of the browser games are based on the cross platforms like Java and Flash, therefore be it any browser or any of the operating systems; you can play these games anywhere.

6. Flash games capture a lot of market and interest amongst the gamers. There are sites that will offer you the best of flash games. Likewise the Java games are another good games to look out for.

7. Do disable Compiz when you are playing a certain game as it may clash with few of the games and then cause hiccups.

8. To get more of the Linux games visiting popular and interactive game forums is also a great idea. If you are having a problem regarding finding out any title of a game that you would like to play on Linux then these forums do help you a lot. You can even get good suggestions from these places.

9. Linux gaming can be made fun with all the above ways that has been mentioned before. To get some games you might also need to pay as well.

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