How To Add Twitter To Google+?

Would it not be nice to have a your twitter tweets right on your Google+ page? Would it not save your time? If you had your twitter tweets on G+, you would not have to log in to twitter and Google+ separately.Only logging in to Google+ would be enough as you would be able to see the tweets of all the people you follow on Google+ itself.The process of adding your twitter feed to your Google+ page is done by a simple application by MyTweetPlace.The simple application is useful if you use both twitter and Google+ a lot.

Once the application has been installed successfully, you should be able to see a Twitter button next to the regular tabs on Google+.By clicking on that twitter button which has been just added, you can do several things such as –

  • Read your Twitter feed live.
  • See what is trending on Twitter.
  • Post new tweets.
  • Check your twitter inbox.
These are the basic tasks on twitter and if that is made possible on Google+, then why log in to twitter anymore?
Here is what the twitter application for Google+ looks like –
Of course, you will still need to log-in to twitter through the application to use this integration feature.Also if you can see carefully, the application is allowed to show ads from adsense on Google+, this may annoy some people as they like their social networks ad-free, we have enough of ads on all the other sites right?

So how to install this twitter application for Google+?

  • First install this twitter app.
  • After installation, you need to restart your browser (works with all browsers)
  • As said before, you should see a Twitter button at the top, next to the usual Google+ tabs.Sign-in to Twitter through that and you are done!

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