Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error In Windows

‘USB Device Not Recognized’ is something that many people face while trying to connect smartphones, mobile phones, keyboard, USB sticks etc to the computer or laptop.I am not sure why this error occurs but I seem to have found a way to remove this error.

This technique or procedure to fixing ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ problem assumes that you have tried using different USB cables to ensure that there is no fault in the cable and it is a USB Driver issue.

This trick to remove the ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ error is used when you plug in, say a smartphone and the computer gives the details of the smartphone as “Unknown Device“.

Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error In Windows – Remove The Power Cable of Your Computer

This may seem very simple and you may feel that it is a stupid suggestion, but this actually works, me and a couple of my friends who had this problem fixed it by doing this, just removing the power cable of the computer for about 5 minutes.

After this, switching the computer on again, you should see that the USB Device Not Recognized Error In Windows has disappeared.

When you switch off your computer, the motherboard on which the USB drivers are installed still get some power, but when you remove the power cable of the computer then the motherboard does not get any power supply.So it truly shuts down.

This is like rebooting your phone when it gets stuck or when it hangs.You are giving an opportunity for the USB drivers to reboot and hence re-correct any errors that may have previously occurred.

This tutorial can be used in any of the Windows, Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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