What Not To Do On Facebook

Facebook is a great way to share information and connect with friends and family members. Some people use Facebook to play games, some use it to share interesting news and articles with their friends, and others use it to share everything.
Though some people don’t know it, there is actually some information that should not be shared via social network.

1. Don’t breach national security.

If you’re in charge of confidential information, it’s important not to share this information with your Facebook friends. An Israeli military soldier updated his Facebook status to include information on an upcoming raid the military was planning. Not only did this breach the military’s security, but it put many people in danger. The Israeli officer has since been relieved of his duty.

2. Don’t highlight illegal activity.

Young kids constantly post pictures of them partaking in underage drinking. Law enforcement has gotten smart and have started using the social networking site to catch criminals. A young man in Pennsylvania stole a ring from his girlfriend’s cousin’s house and gave it to his girlfriend. The girlfriend was unaware of the robbery and then posted a picture of the ring to Facebook. Her cousin saw the ring and sent law enforcement to the home to arrest the boyfriend.

3. Don’t blast your teachers.

Some kids use Facebook as a way to express their angst against others, but it’s important to remember that what you post to Facebook is not private. Taylor Cummings realized this the hard way when an update he posted to Facebook discussed how he wanted to kill his teacher. The end result: expulsion.

4. Don’t blast your students.

Students aren’t the only ones getting in trouble for their status updates. Teachers make the mistake of venting their frustrations with students too, but if the information falls in the wrong hands, it could have an impact on their career. Gloria Gadsden, a sociology professor, used Facebook to joke about hiring a hitman to take out one of her students. When the post landed in front of her boss, Gadsden found herself suspended.

5. Don’t talk bad about your boss.

We’ve all hated our boss at one time or another, but our feelings about them should never be posted to Facebook. A young woman used Facebook to talk about how she hated her boss and referred to him as a “pervy wanker”. While talking badly about someone on Facebook is not smart, it’s worse when you’re friends with that person. This young woman forgot she was friends with her boss on Facebook, and he responded to her comment by firing her.

6. Don’t get caught calling in sick.

If you’re going to call off of work pretending to be sick, don’t post what you’re really doing on Facebook. A bank intern left work claiming there was a “family emergency”. In actuality, he really went to a costume party. Pictures of him dressed as a fairy drinking beer were posted to Facebook, and the intern lost his job.

7. Don’t get creepy.

Being a creep will make you lose friends, but it can also cause you to look stupid. A young girl recently had her boyfriend’s face tattooed on her arm after only dating him for one week. While this is simply a dumb move on its own, the girl then posted the picture to Facebook. The boyfriend was creeped out and dumped her via Facebook. Talk about embarrassing.

8. Don’t talk about your affairs.

Unfortunately, many people have been using Facebook to cheat on their significant others. What’s even sadder is that some people are dumb enough to get caught by posting status updates about it. A girl recently posted about having a great time on a date only to forget her real boyfriend could see the post. She then proceeded to break up with the boyfriend through the thread.

9. Don’t talk about going on vacation.

We all love bragging about the great vacation we’re about to go on, and we love posting pictures of our trip while away. The problem is that you’re now telling everyone that you won’t be home and that your house will be empty—and criminals love this. A woman posted status updates about leaving for vacation, only to come home from vacation to a ransacked and robbed house. Allegedly, one of her so-called Facebook friends knew where she lived and robbed the house while she was away.
So before you jump onto Facebook to make a status update, use some common sense first. If it can get you fired, put  you in danger, get you expelled or get you caught, it’s not worth posting.

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