Ways To Market Your Company on Facebook

The importance of marketing cannot be emphasized strongly enough. As a result, many businesses have their own marketing department, which will take care of advertising, market research and other promotional activities. If a company and its products or services are not properly marketed, then the chances of people getting to know about them are limited. As a result, sales will also be limited, and hence a business may vary likely risk to close down eventually.

The Importance of Online Marketing
There are countless marketing methods used by businesses. Lately, the internet has dominated these marketing endeavors, as many more people can be targeted online nowadays. As a result, there are several internet marketing techniques that one can make use of. Social networking sites are some of the most effective and popular possibilities. This is mainly due to the fact that many people nowadays make use of such sites on a daily basis. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones. Many businesses set up their own page so as to attract loyal customers and prospective, new customers, to join them. Let us discuss some ways to market your Facebook company page.

Facebook Company Pages
Thanks to a Facebook page a business can practically have a secondary website. The best thing about it is that updates, such as news, feeds and posts, will be automatically uploaded to the friends’ walls, if they have joined the page. Hence, the effort is not to remind people of the company, but rather to have people get to know about the page, and entice them to join it.

Advertising on Facebook
In order to do so, there are quite a few methods that can be put into practice. The easiest one is to advertise on Facebook itself. This can be done by paying for an advert that will be shown on one side of the screen along with a few other adverts. It is very important that such an advert is made to be as appealing and as eye-catching as possible. The more it stands out, the more people will be made to click on it. Upon clicking, they will be led to the company’s Facebook page, which should also be made equally appealing, so as to encourage them to join. Links should also be placed on the company’s website, and on any related forums or blogs.

One of the drawbacks of Facebook adverts is that they are small, and so the content has to be very limited. Therefore one should choose an innovative visual aid, and a few interesting words, so as to make an impact. Having said that, Facebook provides the possibility to target a niche market with the adverts. Thus, you will be able to specify the types of clients that will be more attracted to the firm and its products or services. This could be a geographic, gender, age or other preference.

Mention Your Facebook Presence in Other Advertising
Besides making use of these adverts, it is also crucial to make sure that you include the Facebook sign in any merchandise you have and in any adverts you make on other media. So, if you are printing a brochure, a leaflet, or an advert on a newspaper or magazine, make sure that you mention that you are present on Facebook. Encourage viewers or readers to look up your page and join you.

This practice should be given importance in various activities. You should also try to include this fact on the product’s packaging or label if possible. If you have any merchandise, you should also try to include it.

Competitons and Promotional Ideas
Another effective way is by introducing promotional ideas that will attract more visitors. Common methods include competitions where those who join will get in the chance of winning something, or else distributing vouchers or attractive discounts to all your followers. These methods are gaining a lot of popularity since many people tend to join a page so as to receive something in return.

Interaction is Key
It is also a good idea to encourage those who join to share your links, photos, videos and other uploads with their friends. The “like” and “share” possibilities on Facebook should be made use of as they can be a very effective way of increasing your views, and as a result getting more people to join your page. It is also important to link your page with other companies’ pages which are in some way related to your line of business. In such a way, their friends, may eventually also become your friends.

By making use of these ways to market your Facebook page you will manage to increase your followers quite easily. The key is to be innovative and to make use of effective methods and propaganda techniques that can attract people’s attention.

Good luck to all with their Facebook marketing efforts!

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