How Do Facebook Scams Work?

Even if you are an average Facebook user, you would have probably come across at-least one or two Facebook scams, such as video links with tempting titles, pictures with enticing thumbnails etc, which when clicked on take you to Scam sites or viruses.If one of your friends posted this on their wall or on your Facebook profile, does that mean that they are in on this Scam?Or is their Facebook Account hacked?No.Let me explain how these Facebook Scams work and how you or your friends are just victims and nothing more.

A Facebook Securities employee Matt Jones has produced a video in which he explains how these typical Facebook scams work.These “Scam” posts are usually made when a website asks you to copy paste something into the web browser or if you are asked to post something on your Wall or if an un-trusted Facebook App asks for your permission to post as you.Here is the video –

XSS and Facebook Scams

Interestingly enough, Matt seems to think that Internet Explorer and Firefox are not affected by most of these cross site scripting, although Google Chrome (Even Android Version) and Apple Safari Browser can easily be affected.But let that not be a reason for you to stop using whatever browser you use, as long as you are using trusted sites, you have nothing to worry.

Further, most of these Videos, Pictures which have originated from scams, require just a click from another user, or a visit to the scam site to automatically post the same link to your profile, thus the scam propagates.

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