Facebook to Launch App Center – Developers Monetary Opportunity

Facebook, after its recent acquisition of Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars, is now making another big move, by launching the Facebook App Center which will house all free and pay to use applications for Facebook under one roof.

The Facebook App Center is a big opportunity for Developers to make money from developing apps for the Facebook App Center marketplace.This is similar to how developers make money by selling Android or Apple applications.Previously, Developers were able to make money only through purchases made by Facebook users through the applications, as well as through advertisements.But now they can directly sell applications.It looks like the Facebook App Center would not be going head to head with the giants of application marketplace, Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

The Facebook App Center will display apps and games that people in your social network are using, just like before where you would see the games and applications which your friends were using.

Facebook employee Aaron Brady in a blog post-

Success through the App Centre is tied to the quality of an app, We use a variety of signals, such as user ratings and engagement, to determine if an app is listed in the App Centre.

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