Facebook Testing “Pay To Highlight” Status Feature

According to the movie, The Social Network, what made Facebook cool was that it had no ads in the beginning.Well you cannot exactly call the “Pay To Highlight” feature as an ad, but it is similar as its intentions are to make more money for the website.Facebook users from New Zealand  have reported seeing the “Pay To Highlight” buttons next to their status updates.Facebook has confirmed these reports by saying that they are trying out a new feature called “Pay To Highlight” where people can pay a small price to keep their statuses in the news feed for longer and also make the status reach more number of their friends or subscribers.

The max fee which can be levied for the “Pay To Highlight” feature is 2.00$ which can be payed either through PayPal or through Credit Card.

Personally I would never use such a feature as it may disrupt the Facebook experience of other users, they may not get updated with the latest happenings in their social network just because I payed 2.00$ to make my status  update rank high in their news feed.

This feature has not been implemented anywhere other than New Zealand and hence is in a Beta Phase of testing.I wish Facebook does not go ahead with this feature.

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