Facebook Introduces Trending Articles – New Feature

It looks like Facebook has launched another new feature on the news feed called Trending Articles.Facebook has recently been involved in a lot of limelight with its Facebook IPOLaunch of the new Facebook App center and also the controversial, Pay to Highlight Feature.It has definitely been a busy week for Facebook.

Today while browsing through the news feed on Facebook, I noticed the new “Trending Articles” feature, I was surprised to see that it contained only those articles that were published by Yahoo! and hence I feel this must be a conjunction between Facebook and Yahoo! (I may be wrong).

As you can see, the articles were from Yahoo! and the Social Twist in this was that it would feature those articles which were read recently by your friends, in other words the articles that were featured were those that were most popular among your friends.

A useful feature, Google+ and Twitter have the “Trending” feature, now Facebook also has got a similar feature but definitely not of the same magnitude.

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