Facebook Browser?

Lately there has been a lot of browser wars, with different companies trying to out-do the other when it comes to their trademark browsers, we saw the release of Yahoo! Axis, which wants to compete with true browser giants such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

More and more online giants seem to be understanding the potential that a browser holds and hence are looking to put themselves in the market.

Facebook seems to also be interested in the browser race.There have been rumors fluttering around on Twitter that Facebook Might Buy Opera Mini, which has over 200 Million users world-wide.Facebook seems to want to start with Mobile Browsers, if this deal goes through, we can expect Facebook To look to get a full fledged browser for computers and laptops too.Here is a Closer look at Yahook! Axis – 

You might be surprised that Facebook is buying so many things these days, which started with Instagram. Facebook recently had the famous Facebook IPO, which would have raked in the dollars for them, which they are using to gobble up some smaller companies.Expect some more.

Well, I for one am looking forward to some different browser to make a big impact, I hope that the Facebook Browser will be released soon.

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