Top Image Editing Applications for iOS and Android

With ever changing mobile technology new trends keep emerging. Worldwide, high-end Smartphones/Tablets with iOS and Android are ruling the mobile market. All the iOS and Android based Smartphones/Tablets have many applications.


They have high-end camera which helps a user to click very high quality pictures at any time. For the iOS and Android based Smartphones/Tablets there are many awesome image editing applications. Let us check some of the best image editing applications for iOS and Android based Smartphones/Tablets.


Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS:

This application for iOS is a freeware. It has many image editing features. By using this application a user can change the color, shape, borders and size of the image. A user can also filter and change the effects of the image. To get more editing features a user can buy more tools through the application.


PicSay Pro for Android:

The PicSay Pro is a free application. By using this application a user can make the image straight and can also make it sharp. A user can also easily crop the image. A user can add various objects to the image through this application. This free application allows a user to insert word balloons for writing dialogues. Desaturation of image can also be done through this application.


iPicEd for iOS:

The iPicEd application has awesome editing features like Deform, Colorize, Overlays and Effects. Directly through this application a user can share the edited image on any social networking site. This is not a free application. It can be bought by paying $1.99.


Fotolr Photo Editor for Android:

Fotolr Photo Editor is a freeware. This application provides all the basic image editing features. A user can adjust the brightness and can also resize the image. The image can be rotated and text can also be inserted in the image. A user can also add frames and effects to the image. This application also has in-built album organizer.


Color Photo Edit for iOS:

Color Photo Edit for iOS can be used for improving the quality of the image. There are more than sixty filters through which you can change the color of the image. A user can also add text of different color and size to the image. This application is a freeware.


BeFunky Photo Editor Pro for Android:

The BeFunky Photo Editor Pro is a free image editing application. This application provides incredible effects which are very unique. This image editing application provides many options for inserting frames. This application enriches the image through its awesome features. A user can also upload the edited images through this application.

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