Top 10 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Secure

Here are some of the ways that you can make sure that all of the data that you have in your iPhone are secure and are not at risk of getting stolen in any way:


1. Update Firmware

Your best bet for iPhone security is an updated firmware to make sure that you have all the protection that you need from previous bugs and virus attacks that were recorded before.


Connect iPhone to your computer > Open iTunes > Choose iPhone in the source list > Choose Check For Update > Download and install the updates.


2. Disable Wi-Fi

It is great to be connected all the time but if you are not actively using it, it is better to just disconnect from it. It is more secure for your phone too!


Settings > Wi-Fi > Turn off Wi-Fi.


3. Disable Automatic Connections

Your battery gets drained easily if your iPhone is constantly searching for networks. Just turn it off and manually connect when you need to.


Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose network > Choose Forget This Network.


4. Disable Bluetooth

Bluetooth is great for sharing files but it is not good if you do not want to share your files with others in the room.


Settings > General > Bluetooth > Turn off Bluetooth.


5. Disable Location Services

While you want to be visible to your friends and family even if when you are mobile, location services drain your battery and most of the time, you don’t really need it.


Settings > General > Turn off Location Services.


6. Set Your Pass Code

If you have passwords on your computer and your email accounts, then your iPhone should have it too.


Settings > General > Pass Code Lock > Type in 4 digits to serve as your pass code > Re-type the 4 digits.


7. Erase Data After a Number of Wrong Pass Codes

Some people may attempt to guess your pass code. Beat them to it by enabling your iPhone to erase the data after 10 wrong pass code attempts.


Settings > General > Pass Code Lock > Turn on Erase Data.


8. Erase Data Before Repairing, Returning, or Reselling Your iPhone

It is quite obvious that you have to clean out your phone before you hand it over to someone else. You wouldn’t want someone else to know a lot of stuff about you, don’t you?


Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings.


9. Disable SMS Preview

There is an option to view the text messages that are sent to you in the notification area. If you turn it off, it adds more security to your phone while your phone is locked.


Settings > General > Pass Code Lock > Turn off Show SMS Preview.


10. Disable Java Script and Safari Plug Ins

Optimum web browsing experience will need Java Script and Plug Ins. However, these increase the risk of your phone getting hacked at some point. It is best to just disable them when you do not entirely need them.


Settings > Safari > Turn off Java Script > Turn off Plug Ins.

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