iOS 6: The Anticipated Bandwagon Of Apple’s OS

The World Wide Developers Conference is rife with rumors about the speculated sixth generation OS. The conference is days away, and with the iPhone 5 unlikely to be releasing that time, the world would see the emergence of iOS 6. The technology blog GottaBeMobile stated that the new software would be available in the iPhone 4S and new iPad. It would soon be rolling out in the heavily anticipated new iPad mini.


iOS: Operating System of Apple, Inc.

iOS is the operating system by Apple, Inc. Released in 2007 for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Today, the operating system has extended its usage to iPad, and the Apple TV. Apple does not license the iOS. Based on the concept of direct manipulation and multi-touch gestures, the interface control elements that consist of switches, buttons and sliders, interaction can be done with gestures such as swipe, pinch, reverse, or tap as they have specific definitions. Derived from the OS X, it shares the foundation with Darwin and has an operating system Unix.

iOS 6

Rumors surrounding the iOS 6

The rumor mill has not stopped contemplating even though Apple is pretty secretive about the features of iOS 6. Apple, Inc. is a killer company, and with the recent success of Apple PC computing platform, the functionality features of iOS 6 would be all cherry picked. There were loads of inputs of the list of features that we all wish for Apple to include in its new launch.


First reported by BGR, the iOS 6 will be a substantial shift from the UI theme. The original blue and blue stripes would be now silver, much like the iPad. A cleaner svelte look, it is the new mantra for Apple to lead the way and to let the apps do the talking. This list was compiled after scouring the Apple enthusiastic blogs.

  • Multiple users on iPad: One of the unofficial Apple blog, Tuaw has suggested multiple users on iPad. A nifty feature, this would enable the tablet-sharing homes with the ability to set up multiple user accounts on the portable device. The multiple iPad owners can share the device without fear of friends and families accidently erasing the vital data. The writer Michael Grothaus also pointed that using iCloud, iTunes Match, the users of the device need not worry about the hard drive filling up, and the users can comfortably access the documents via Cloud.
  • Notification based actions: Some creative author thought about Apple incorporating location based profiles. With the already established GeoFencing, this is not an impossible feat, though a bit far stretched! The phone could customize different actions like ringtones, Bluetooth etc. based on the location of the owner. A silencing time-based feature can also be added.
  • Better cursor navigation, which would make typing on the iPad pleasant.
  • Widgets: Android is firmly on the widget wagon and it’s time for Apple to board the same. The widgets would provide faster access to settings of the smartphones and their controls.
    Integration of Facebook: Facebook is available in iOS 5 via the official app, the users cannot upload or share any content without first refreshing the app. This is a hindrance especially if there is no solid connectivity.
  • Multiple apps are functioning together: The users can run four applications by minimizing and using them conjointly with each other.
    • 3D maps
    • Expanded Siri functions
    • Feasible inter-app communication
    • Unified omnibox and improved email
    • Automatic updates of the application
    • iCloud keychain that sync with other iOS devices and computers.

For the iPhone Application Development, the iOS is loaded with features. The rumors have started to pile-up, but that is what they actually are, just rumors. The list discussed above is certainly likeable and desirable; we all have to wait until the conference to see what happens.

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