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Providing an iPhone app is one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers, no matter where they are. Whether you simply want to provide contact information or want a dynamic alternative to your website, consumers will appreciate a mobile app.

But what do you do if you don’t have the programming knowledge to create your own app? Fortunately, tools exist to help you create that app, even without coding knowledge. The services on this list will help you to create apps both beautiful and functional.

Mobile Roadie

While most app builders offer templates that your consumers will easily recognize, Mobile Roadie lets you create something unique. With this service, you can create one app for both iPhone and Android devices, saving you some effort. Mobile Roadie offers some unique features, like the ability to build a webcam into your app for today’s newest devices, like the iPad, that have a front-facing camera.

Once you create your app, the service gives you a QR code and custom shortened URL to promote it. Your own users can help spread the word via Twitter or Facebook, too. Mobile Roadie offers a basic account for $99 per month, and this includes help to submit your app to app stores. Features like an advanced design package will double your cost, but they’re not necessary. All possible features will cost you $499 per month.

Seattle Clouds

Seattle Clouds might sound like a weather prediction, but it’s actually another utility to help you build your perfect app. You choose from pre-made templates, from maps to an image gallery, so most businesses will find their perfect app. You then edit the text, photos and other content within the template to reflect the individuality of your needs. The sheer number of unique templates is one of the strengths of this tool.

Once finished, Seattle Clouds helps you to publish the app to the iTunes store, Google Play and even the Amazon App Store. This is good news if you want to target users of the Kindle Fire. There is an initial $99 setup fee for most app types. Monthly hosting then starts at $9.99 per month for a single app, which makes this a little more cost effective than other solutions. Seattle Clouds requires you to upgrade to the $49.99 per month plan if you want push notifications and in-app purchases, however.


The final app tool on this list has a pretty smart layout itself. The slick graphics promise you the perfect app for your needs. SwebApp does things a little differently, however. You can choose to create a basic app for either Android or iOS for a lower price than developing one for both platforms. A single platform starts at $399, while you’ll increase your costs to $499 for both. You’ll have to pay monthly hosting fees of $29 and $39, respectively. Extra features, like an app tracker, will cost you more. Professionally, “polished” apps for a single app have a much higher overhead of $1799.

Features are more basic than other tools on this list; however, your app will look native to the platform. Most features are available for either OS, and you can choose from maps, forms and audio input, among other content. Users can share your content via email and social networks.

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