Best iPhone Apps for Kids

Ok, admit it – you let your kids play with your iPhone every now and then don’t you? Being inquisitive young people, children are fascinated (as are many adults) by trying out different apps to see how they react, what they do and just to have some fun. The next time you are stuck in line at the grocery store with your children in tow, entertain them with these free (or low cost) apps and games which are great for toddlers, pre-school aged kids and older children.

Helicopter Taxi

Every child is into transportation to some degree or another and loves to make things ‘go’. Helicopter Taxi is a great app as it uses the phone’s camera to create the effect of a chopper flying across the room. A child can move the iPhone around to steer the helicopter to wherever he/she wants it to go. The graphics are really quite amazing and are very life-like. For just $1.99, you can’t go wrong and this fun filled app is for kids aged three and up.

Pocket Frogs

Does your child love frogs? What kid doesn’t, right? With Pocket Frogs, he or she can collect, trade and breed frogs in habitats he or she creates. This game is designed for kids four years and up and can be played with friends. There are dozens of rewards to earn as the child earn and move through the various stages of the game. This is a fantastic game loaded with adorable graphics and tons of content.

Disney Fairies Fly

Does your little princess love watching Tinkerbell movies over and over again? Then Disney Fairies Fly is a must-have. By tilting the iPhone, your child can guide her fairy of choice through a beautiful landscape as she collects treasures and avoids obstacles. This app also comes with free wallpapers, still shots and mini videos from the Tinkerbell movies.


While you might be annoyed a bit by SmackTalk, your child is going to love this app. It records what your child says and then repeats it back in either a high squeaky voice or a low freaky voice. And, it does so via cute animal interface with your child’s choice of a kitten, puppy, Chihuahua or guinea pig. At just 99 cents, this app could keep your little one entertained and giggling for hours and hours.

Scribble Light

Tired of your child scribbling all over the walls with his crayolas or magic markers? Then download Scribble Lite – the smart app that transforms your iPhone into a sketch pad. Your child can draw his creations, shake the phone to erase and then start all over again. There are lots of colors to use as well as different pen sizes to choose come which should keep your little Picasso busy as a beaver in a wood factory.

So there you have it – a nice list of free or very cheap apps to download to your iPhone for your kids. There are lots more fun-filled iPhone apps made just for children. The next time you connect to iTunes, select a few to download -your kids (and you) will be glad you did!

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