Apple or Android: Choice is Yours

Owning a gadget is quite common these days. The reason is the availability of these gadgets at affordable rates. Moreover, people think that without owning ether Apple’s gadget or Android device, they cannot survive in this society, which has its own fashion needs.


Now the question arises in mind whether one should buy Apple device or Android device. It is a fact that to make this decision is not something easy, as making a purchase of smart gadget is an investment and one thinks a lot before investing money into this gadget purchase. The thing that makes confuse the potential buyers is the availability of countless amazing features in both of these gadgets, which seems quite similar. However, keep in mind that you can find significant differences in every two products if you observe carefully. These differences will help you in making effective and efficient decision with ease. In case of Apple and Android, the differences, which one should focus, are as follows:

Compatibility and Quality

Before making a purchase decision, you should know that Apple is a company, which makes gadgets along with its hardware and software. Thus, it is obvious that the software and hardware of the Apple’s device can work together. However, in case of Android, it is basically a software offered by Google to various mobile manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and many other Android phone, which is why every Android phone will vary in respect of its size, software usage, quality, and weight. However, in case of Apple, quality will not be the concern of its users.

Operating System

To enjoy all high-tech features of the gadget, one must buy the one having efficient operating system. If you want to buy a gadget, which has updated operating system then you choice will be Apple, as Android makers take a lot of time to update their OS as per the Google’s OS releases.


One, who is looking for countless apps for assistance in personal and professional life, should also prefer to purchase Apple instead of Android, as Apple App Store offers more app and majority of them are available for free.


It is also observed that youngsters buy Apple device because of the availability of hundreds of games for the gadget. It is a fact that gaming market of Apple is quite developed and pay back a lot of money to the developers, which is why many developers prefer to develop gaming apps for Apple and neglect Android.

These are the significant differences between both of these amazing devices. However, whichever device you purchase, do not forget to buy protective covers for it. For example, you buy Apple’s iPhone then you also purchase iPhone cases for its protection.

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