Apple iPad Projection Technology Is Here

The iPad is changing the way we do business and there are always new improvements on the horizon for the next generation. For the upcoming iPad, the ability to project the screen is a major desire and it looks like it’s going to become a reality.


Projection is Here

The Pico Pocket Projector is definitely the next big thing to hit the iPad. For years, people have been using large projectors and laptops for presentations, but they are bulky and difficult to take everywhere. The iPad has the ability to create and read PowerPoint, PDF and other documents. Everyone has had to use bulky projectors but not with the Pico Pocket Projector.


It’s a pin-sized dynamo able to connect to your iPad and provide high definition graphics to your presentation. It’s small enough to fit in a small case with your iPad, so there is no lugging around large briefcases filled with cords and machinery. The setup is a snap and only takes a few seconds and has long battery life.


Wired Up for Sound

Projectors will be the next big thing in graphics for the iPad, but could we see a version of Siri in the future for audio? It’s entirely possible, but it’s more likely that we’ll see apps and voice commands taking center stage. You’ll be launching apps, setting up meetings and even dictation through the voice command systems on the iPad. The beefed up microphone will enhance not only voice command interface, but also video chats and other applications.


Along with the technology update, voice command will require software that can either be downloaded via iTunes or will come as standard. This software will be tuned to the individual’s voice so that it can correctly tune out the rest of the noise. For example, if you are in a busy street and need to make a dictation or open an app, the software will be able to pick out your voice even if you are surrounded by other voices.


Look – No Hands

Hands-free voice control has long been a dream of developers and the iPhone is the closest the industry has come. It’s only natural that the phone would be the first place for hands-free control with the iPad to follow.


The next big thing for the iPad is definitely going to be the ability to easily project the screen and a better voice recognition. It will require better tech and software to maximize performance for these advancements including the Pico Pocket Projector. But there is lots of time before the next version of iPad comes out for plenty of advancement.

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