7 Amazing Travel Apps for the iPad/iPhone

For a traveler, having a device that can help you with your travelling needs is essential. Whether it’s finding a good restaurant or keeping track of your flight schedule, these amazing apps on your iPad/iPhone help make your travelling experience stress-free:


The World Clock

Finding out the time difference between countries can be tiresome.  With the World Clock, you would have things easier. It provides the exact time of more than 230 countries all over the world. This incredible app has a real-time day/night map which can tell you what regions of the earth are currently facing the sun. In addition, the World Clock has a network time sync, an alarm clock (which is a must have to not be late on your trips) and is capable of displaying 24 clocks at a time.



Always having trouble looking for hotels? Booking.com is the best app for finding hotels in their database of over 135,000 hotels all over the world. The booking process is safe and secure and they don’t charge booking fees. You can use your iPad to show booking confirmations.



TripIt is pretty much your travel assistant which can help you organize and keep track of your travel plans. The app gives alerts and notifications for emergencies, flight changes and delays.



FlightTrack is a great app for frequent flyers. It covers over 4,000 airports and 1,400 airlines. In addition, you can be updated with your flight status in real-time, check for flight changes and delays. It also has weather forecasts for the country that you are travelling to.

Wi-Fi Finder

If you’re having trouble finding a Wi-Fi connection to access some of your travelling apps on your iPad/iPhone then you’ll certainly need Wi-Fi Finder. This great app will look for the nearest free hotspots in your area using the GPS. You can download over 545 locations in 144 countries so you can use the app offline.

Zagat to Go

Is your tummy rumbling and you can’t find a good restaurant to satisfy your hunger? Zagat to Go will provide you the nearby restaurants in your location and you can even reserve tables. The app also has recommendations on where to take your friends, loved ones, or clients. In addition, you can also check out images of the actual dishes and get advice on what you can order.


There comes a time when you stop for a second and admire the view. You can capture and re-live those moments with this app combined with the awesome retina display feature of the iPad. iPhoto has an variety of editing features that you can mess with and several photo effects.

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