5 Great Applications Mac Users Must Know

If you are an owner of a device running MAC OS and you are not pretty familiar with the details of this operation system as well as software that you might use, then you will find this article pretty useful. Below we will give you a couple of ideas about software that you may need. It is important to be prepared and to know what kind of features those programs are offering.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

This software adds basic video editing, maps, adjustment tools, photo emailing, soft proofing, book creation and many new features. Plus there is a newer price – 150$. It is better than the previous one price, because now you can get more features and extras for less money. Plus if you are really interested about digital photography, this is the Editor’s choice award-winning application.


Apple Aperture 3.2v

If you have read previews reviews of Aperture’s older versions, then in this version you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that Apple has improved the overall performance and has corrected some glitches in specific areas of the software. There are also some newly added features like support of iOS5, iCloud, and OS X Lion multi touch. The software now has a smoother interface offering Places and Faces, lots of output options. You can get all this for only 80$ which is quite affordable knowing all those features that you will be able to use.


Apple Final Cut PRo X

This video editing package has nothing to do with the older versions. Apple has built an entirely new, faster, cleaner and even more intuitive video editing software. At the beginning lots of people dealing with video editing were kicking about the new changes, but they will eventually stop doing this as son as they realize that the newer version is like 100 times better than the older one. It is true that the price of this application is a little bit higher to some people – 300$, but if you are interested in digital video editing, then you should definitely get this software because it is awesome. You will be able to do practically anything you want with the videos.


Apple GarageBand ’11

If you are looking for a professional studio, you should know that GarageBand is not, however, it is a great start for beginners. It offers excellent multimedia music lessons, mixing, basic recording and thanks to the editing tools you can be sure that you will achieve the result you are looking for. The software is great for people whose hobby is music. It is a real fun having this application and making music with it. And the best part here is that it costs only 15$.


Apple iMovie ’11

This is probably the most famous software that Apple has made so far. iMovie is an iconic video production software and this is why it is a must have. The new look and gorgeous Hollywood style trailer are the first things that will catch your attention and will make you update to current version. Plus the price is actually pretty reasonable and it can be individually purchased. Believe it or not but you can get this software for only 15$.


Those are 5 applications that you should know and eventually use, if you want to use one big part of the potential of your Mac device. Make sure you get the software you are in need of because in that way you will be able to protect and use your computer at its full potential. There are many other applications that you should pay attention but those are the leaders in their niches.

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