How To Get Approved By Google Adsense

Every Blogger and every webmaster has the exact same question, How To Get Approved By Google Adsense? Well, this is not that difficult if you ask me, all you need is a few days to set your site or blog right and then all you need to do is apply and they will accept you.To get Approved By Google Adsense is a blessing, it is one of the best ways of making money online and if you have decent traffic you can earn hundreds of dollars a month online from your website.So here are some of the tips to get Approved By Google Adsense –

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Adsense Approval Tip 1: Original Content is the Most Important condition in the Adsense approval process, if you have original content and do not have any copywrited content in your site then you can surely be hopeful of getting approved by Adsense.
Adsense Approval Tip 2: A Good site design and a clean site design is also very important if you are hoping to get Approved By Google Adsense, make sure that your website template looks professional and there are no stray links or pop-up ads etc.If your site looks good, you have a better chance at getting Approved By Google Adsense.

Adsense Approval Tip 3: Domain Age, In India and Pakistan and countries such as these, Google Adsense has set a rule that the new sites which are less then six months of age will not be approved into the Adsense Program.But this is not very strictly followed, as long as you have a good design and original content, you will get approved by Approved By Google Adsense.

Adsense Approval Tip 4: Traffic to your site is not that great a measuring stick when it comes to getting approved by Approved By Google Adsense, it is necessary that you have at-least a trickle of traffic targeted towards your blog or website, but surely you do not need to have millions of page views a month.So do not worry much about the amount of traffic you are getting before applying to Google Adsense.
Adsense Approval Tip 5: Provide proper information while applying to Adsense, such as your Address, your full name and website URL.If you put in wrong information or give the URL of some other persons website hoping to get approved by Adsense, then you may not get approved at all.So make sure your account info is in place properly.
Adsense Approval Tip 6: Your website or Blog must have at-least around 15 pages of unique content or it probably will not be approved by Google Adsense.Google Adsense never accepts single page websites or websites that have only few pages of small content.
Adsense Approval Tip 7: Make sure that your Blog or website has a lot of written content, Google Adsense loves written content.Make sure that your website is not just filled with Stock Photos or YouTube Videos.
Adsense Approval Tip 8: Keep Trying.If you do not get accepted in the first place, see what the reason was and try to make changes to it so that you get accepted the next time you apply.
So if you follow these guidelines before applying for Google Adsense, then you will surely get Approved By Google Adsense.All the Best!

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