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There are several ways to increase your Google Adsense CTR, one of which is by wrapping text around your Google Adsense Ad Units.I used to use this method of wrapping text around adsense ads until I felt that it did not look good on all my articles since it interfered with images and tables, the posts were not looking very good, so I do not employ the tactic of Google Adsense Wrap Text.But if the ads go well with your template or theme, then I definitely recommend you to use the ads as a part of your article by wrapping text around them, it will sure increase your Click Through Rate as well as your Earnings.The simple process of wrapping text around your adsense ads has been explained below –

Is Google Adsense Wrap Text Method useful?

Yes, wrapping text around Google Adsense ad units can increase your click-through rate by up-to 25%, which means 25% more earnings.Not only this, but when planned properly and utilized well, the Adsense ad units may make a blog or a website look better, unfortunately this was not the case with my blog.It just does not look good with this template whose theme is “Simple“.

Wrapping Link Units inside blog post text can yield even better results.

How To Wrap Text Around Google Adsense Ads?

Wrapping text around Google Adsense Ads does not work when you just use codes such as <div align=”left”> or <div float=”right”>.You need a better but simple coding to wrap text around Adsense Ads.

Here is the simple code to wrap text around adsense ads-

Code To Wrap Adsense Ads In Text To The Left

<div style=”float:right;”>
Your Adsense ad script

Code To Wrap Adsense Ads In Text To The Right

<div style=”float:right;”>
Your Adsense ad script

Is Wrapping Text Around Adsense Ads Against Adsense Policies?

Wrapping text around Adsense is a common practice even with many of the very successful blogs and websites but you need to make sure that your Adsense ads which are wrapped in text are clearly differentiated from your text, they both should not have the same font and styling.Visitors to your blog or website must clearly be able to tell the ad unit apart from the text in your content.

This method of Wrapping Text Around Adsense Ads works for both Blogger Blogs and WordPress Blogs.

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