Google Adsense Sandbox – Best Preview Tools

There are many people who are desperate to know if their website is banned by Google Adsense or not, some people check this before even applying for Google Adsense as they would have bought the domain from a previous owner.Some people use Google Adsense Sandbox Tool to see if the domain they are going to buy is safe in terms of Google Adsense publishing or not.Some people just like to check out the different ad-sizes and how they would appear on their site.For all these purposes, you can use the Google Adsense Sandbox Tool.But which ones to use? There are so many out there.The Google Adsense Sandbox Tools that give the best and most accurate results have been given in this page.

Google Adsense Sandbox Tool 1 –
This Google Adsense Sandbox Tool is the best tool out there to check the safety of a website in terms of Google Adsense.You can also check out which words are banned by Google on Adsense, you can type in the keywords to see what kind of ads appear for the particular keyword.

Google Adsense Sandbox Tool 2 –
This Google Adsense Sandbox Tool is probably the second best tool to verify the legitimacy of a website in terms of Google Adsense.This tool, unlike the one above does not have any other feature than just checking if a website is allowed to show Google Adsense Ads or not.I would have expected more from Digital Point, they are usually such great coders and tool developers.

So these two Google Adsense Sandbox Tools are the best tools available to see if a website is certified to show Google Adsense Ads or not.

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