Google Adsense Premium Publisher Information

Google Adsense Premium Publishers are a select group of people who run websites that get tons, literally tons of traffic and are of high quality.These publishers have many advantages and special features that normal Adsense Publishers do not have.

How To Be a Google Adsense Premium Publisher?
It is reported widely that a Google Adsense Premium Publisher requires to have at-least 20 Million page views a month or 5 Million search queries leading to their site.I feel this is not a bench mark that is set in stone as Amit Agarwal of is a premium publisher with just around 3 Million hits a month and Amit Bhawani of is also a premium publisher with an Alexa Rank of 22000.So there is no exact benchmark to be classified as an Adsense Premium Publisher.

There is also no way of actually applying to the Google Adsense Premium Publisher Program, it is a by invitation group only.If Google sees fit to provide you with premium features and they feel that it would help their business, then they will themselves offer you to become a premium publisher.

What Are The Advantages Of a Google Adsense Premium Publisher?
A Google Adsense Premium Publisher has many different advantages that a normal publisher can only dream of, such as –

  • No need to have the “AdChoices” or “Ads By Google” logo.
  • Customization of ads is allowed, you can change color, size, font etc of the ads using CSS.
  • Direct links to search queries allowed (Adsense for search)
  • Allowed to place more than three ads on each page
  • Allowed to negotiate the share of earnings being given to the publisher
  • Have their own Adsense experts and ad managers to call upon at any time
So becoming a Google Adsense Premium Publisher is a tough task, but once you are a Google Adsense Premium Publisher, then your earnings will sky rocket and you can truly earn a six figure income.

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