Google Adsense Launches Official Toolbar for Chrome

Google Adsense has officially launched a new extension for the Google Chrome browser which allows you to immediately access your Adsense earnings and reports with just one click.The Adsense Publisher Toolbar allows you to see your earnings of Today, Yesterday, Last Month and the Current Month.The Adsense chrome extension also shows you your top performing Channels or Ad Units.

The most exciting feature, is something totally new, which is your LifeTime Adsense earnings, which shows the total amount of revenue you have earned through adsense ever since your adsense account was started.

The Installation is pretty standard for any chrome extension, the extension asks your Adsense account for permission to view the earnings, you need to approve of this, after this you can easily check your Adsense Earnings easily, this tool is especially useful for those who check their adsense earnings very often.

If you use this tool when you are viewing your website, you can see the reports in an ‘overlay’ mode where it will show you the earnings of each and every Ad Unit on that page.

This tool can be extremely useful if you have multiple G-Mail accounts, you can use your Adsense G-Mail account for your extension and in the browser itself, you can use a different adsense address.

Overall, something new from the Adsense team which you should all check out.

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