Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2012 [CPC+CPM]

Google Adsense is an online ad-network consisting of publishers who are paid to serve ads on their site.Google Adsense is the best revenue source out there for bloggers and webmasters but for some reason a blog may not have been accepted into the Adsense Network (Read – How to get approved by Adsense?) or an Adsense account may have been banned (Read – Matt Cutts Adsense Account Savior).In these cases you may have to look for a different money source to your blog.Hence you may have to look at the Best Google Adsense Alternatives as a revenue source for your blog or website.Let us see the various Google Adsense Alternatives that you can use instead of Adsense on your blog –

Adbrite is easily the next best PPC+CPM ad network that can give decent results for a blogger.I can assure that it is a legit network and I have been paid out and still get payouts, although the CPC for Adbrite is not especially high, it has a good range of CPM ads, I regularly receive around 1.5 -2.0 $ for every 1000 impressions on my other blogs.Hence I would recommend you to use this Google Adsense Alternative if you are unable to use adsense on your site.

Chitika is also a really good adsense alternative but only if you are a publisher who gets a lot of traffic from USA and Canada.Although Chitika has introduced ads even for Asian and European countries, they pay out very less CPM and even lesser CPC.If you have a majority of traffic from USA and Canada, then I would recommend this over Adbrite.

The Chitika ads do not look very professional and sometimes is plagued by “Answered-Questions” ads which do not result in any revenue for you.This may be the only disadvantage of Chitika.

AdsGadget is the perfect alternative for publishers looking for an effective and high-paying ad platform that supports all geographic locations. AdsGadget provides an innovative solution for publishers by providing them simpler, more flexible conditions. Adsgadget requires no minimum threshold for payment or impression volume. It allows publishers to go live immediately after sign-up by easily copying and pasting a banner tag in their website. AdsGadget counts with an optimization team that is constantly working to bring publishers the highest rates possible.

Yahoo! Publisher Network:
The Yahoo Publisher Network is also available only for USA publishers and is not available at all for others, this is one of the most professional adsense alternative that can compare (up-to some level) with Adsense.The payout is good and the company is trust-able as it is from Yahoo!

Infolinks is the best In-Text advertising network and is the highest paying one too.They have several different ads that look like text or convert a text into an ad, which results in very high CTR of around 5-6%, but the CPC is miserably low, sometimes needing a few clicks to reach 5 cents.

The good thing is they are trust-able and payout out through PayPal when you reach 50$, they are looking for ways to increase CPC, but there is no scope for this as in-text ads can lead to inadvertent clicks and hence publishers wont want to pay much per click.

The second best Adsense alternative in terms of In-Text Ads, they offer a similar range of options like Infolinks and the CPC is equally low, a close second best to Infolinks.Works in a similar way to Infolinks.

Bidvertiser is another CPC Adsense Alternative network that has a very limited number of publishers so you wont get many different ads like Adsense, they have limited customization options too.But their CPC is slightly better than that of the In-Text Ads and a lot lesser than Adbrite and Chitika.

So these are some of the Best Adsense Alternatives that you can use to monetize your blog or website.

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