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How to Download Pokemon Go Apk Free For Android & iOS on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Free Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) in India: Hai friends, in this article, I came up with a very interesting and most successful game app for you, Before starting this let me introduce some interesting facts and information about the article which I am going to show you now. The name is Pokemon GO. It attracts and creates a mania for humungous game lovers across the world. If you observe outside of you most of the people are busy with playing with it, then why you are waiting? Here I am presenting the guidance to “How to Download Pokemon Go Apk in India and in your region For Android & iOS” and “How to Play Pokemon Go“.

Note: The makers of the Pokemon GO are Nintendo. Still, they have not officially launched in India and many countries but still most of the users playing it. But it is not available on Google PlayStore, No worry here in this article I will give you Direct link to Download Pokemon Go Apk.

App Information:

  • File Size: 58.06 MB
  • Creators : Nintendo
  • Version : 0.29.1 arm
  • Required Android Versions to Download & Install Pokemon Go Apk: Android 4.4 and higher.
  • Required iOS Versions With iPhone Compatibility: iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch with iOS 9.4.1, iOS 9.3.2/9.3.1, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 9.2/9.1, iOS 8.4.1, iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 9.0.2/9.0.1.
  • Location: Officially works in the USA but Given Pokemon Go apk File in this blog will work in countries like INDIA, Canada, UK, France, China, etc.,

Free Download & Steps to Install Pokemon Go Apk in my region India For Android 4.4 Later:

We all know that we can install all the apps which are .Apk format in our android phones. Like as same Apk format of Pokemon Go  Apk was launched successfully. Now I am giving steps to install Pokemon Go.

Step 1) You can download the genuine version of Pokemon GO APK file from the following link.

Download Pokemon Go (New Version)

Download Pokemon Go (Old Version)

Step 2) After completing the download you can install it by accepting the terms and conditions.

click-accept-download-install-pokemon-go game-india

Step 3) After accepting terms & Conditions simply click on Next option to Further continue the Pokemon Go Installation Process.

Click-next-get-Pokemon Go-tips-cheats

Note: But beware, there are versions of Pokemon GO floating around which contain malware. These versions ask for permissions such as call, microphone, text messages and more. You can check for the warning signs under ‘Settings‘ >> ‘Apps‘ >> Permissions to know if the application is asking for more resources than required.

Step 4) After successful installation completion, you can enjoy it by Playing it by locating Pokemon.


Step 5) If you are getting Error like “There is a problem parsing the package” after installing Pokemon Go Apk on your Android Device, simply click Ok and then check whether your Android Version is 4.4 Later or Not. I am getting this error on my Android 4.2 version when I am trying to Install Pokemon Go Apk.

Steps to Download and Install Pokemon Go For iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):

Like an Android we don’t have a direct file for Installing Pokemon GO Apk for iOS iDevices, rather we need to download it from apple iTunes/Apple AppStore. But there is some tricky part here. Pokemon GO has launched only in US and UK only but most of the countries are using it by means of other ways.

Method 1) Install Pokemon Go on iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch :

Step 1) If you have any known person in US or UK where this app has officially launched. Contact them so that you can avail the opportunity to Download Pokemon Go in your region like India some other regions.

Step 2) For this, you need to get their Apple ID and Password till you complete your installation.

Step 3) By login into Apple Store by using the Apple ID and Password which was taken from USA and UK.

Step 4) Now you can Download Pokemon GO app and avail all facilities of this app.

Method 2) Download & Free Install Pokemon Go For iOS both JailBroken & Non-JailBroken:

This method will take some time and effort to install Pokemon Go into your iOS iDevice.

Step 1) For downloading this app you need to delete your present Apple ID and you need to create a new Apple ID with other countries details like the US and the UK (where this has officially launched).
Step 2) Fill all the details that are required to create Apple account.

Step 3) After filling all the details you have to select NONE option in the payment option.

Step 4) Once the ID is created you can avail to download and install the Pokemon Go and start playing it.

That’s it, my dear Geeks, I search the web over and over to give you best solutions for “Downloading & Installing Pokemon GO Apk on your Android and iOS Devices in your region like India and other regions“, Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit again. If you get benefited from this article consider share this with your friends too.

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