Free Download XModGames For iOS Without JailBroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

XModGames For iOS 10, iOS 9.4.1, iOS 9.3/9.3.1/9.3.2, iOS 9.2.1/9.2: Hai friends, Nowadays most of us are having the smartphone and most likely to play games in that. In this era, iPhone created enormous changes in the field of mobiles. We all are willing to play various kind of games on our smartphones. For such kind of persons here I came up with an interesting most widely used game app called ‘XModGames’. Here in this article, I will give you the simple and easy procedure to”XModGames Download & Free Install For iOS iDevice(iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch) Without JailBreak“.

Note: Direct link is not available to Download and Install from Apple AppStore don’t worry I will give you the Installation process and official link to Download the app.

iOS users are Enjoying with this newly released apps. Do you want those kinds of apps for the free of cost? Yes, guys what I am saying is true Guys. Let’s go into the matter, Actually, I have fond of free apps to use in my iOS, Then I go to search in the iTunes But it shares only paid apps. Then I searched for some emulators like Delta emulator for iOS. In this way, I found that several apps guys But In those, I selected dome best apps for iOS without jailbreaking apps. Like iNocydo for iOS, iOSEmus for iOS etc., a Generally lot of people don’t know that vShare for iOS is performing the best alternative to the iTunes.

There is another version of updated Emulator for the free iOS apps instead of paid apps without involving any jailbreak. They are mostly used in the iOS but a lot of people facing problems to get them without paying money. That’s why I am providing  Tutu helper for iOS, Hipstore for iOS especially those candidates who are worrying to use paid apps.

Pre-Requirements to Run XModGames on iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):

  • iDevice whether it is JailBroken or Un-JailBroken or Cydia Tweek.
  • PC(Windows 10/8.1/7/8/XP) or Mac Desktop/Laptop.
  • Active internet connection or Wi-Fi Connection.
  • USB plugin to connect you iPhone to your PC.
  • Compatibility:  iOS 7.0 and later versions knows as iOS 9.4.1, iOS 9.3.2/9.3.1, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 9.2/9.1, iOS 8.4.1, iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 9.0.2/9.0.1 on iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch.

Download XModGames on Non-JailBroken iOS 10, iOS 9.1-9.2-9.2.1, iOS 9.3-9.3.1-9.3.2-9.3.3, iOS 9.4.1:

Hey, Buddies with this most amazing and awesome XModGames app you can enjoy some popular games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Boom Beach, Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfer 8, ball Pool. One more interesting thing is this app also available on Android Devices too. Now it’s time follow my Installation procedure of XModGames on non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Devices.

Must Known Features about XModGames on iOS:

  • No need to jailbreak your device.
  • Which contains various games namely Clash of Clans, MineCraft, Candy Crush Saga etc…..Most of us knew these all are popular games in these days.
  • It takes less time to respond.
  • User-friendly and secure.

Must Know: iDevices that has been jailbroken in the past contains the folder(Cydia Installer)… But newly devices that never ever has been jailbroken in the past will not contain the folder(Cydia Installer)… This should clear a lot to you.

Steps to Install XModGames For iOS on Without JailBroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch:

Step 1) Open up any browser on your Windows or Mac desktop/Laptop and then download the XModGames.Deb from the link that is showing below or you can google it.

Free Download XModGame.deb File

Step 2) Your need to have iFunBox on your PC. If not please Download it from the internet.It acts as an interface between PC and your device that is iPhone (iOS 9, 9.1, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2/9.3.3, 9.4)

Free Download Latest iFunBox For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Free Download Latest iFunBox For Mac Computer

Step 3) After downloading the iFunbox just install it by double click on takes some time and follow the instructions which you can see on the screen.

Step 4) After completion of your installation of iFunbox then connect your iOS device to your Pc through USB cable.

Step 5) To install XModGames on your iOS all versions in the place of iFunBox you can also use iTool to install XModGames iOS.

Free Download Latest iTool For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Free Download Latest iTool For Mac Computer

Step 6) Now you can see your iOS device in the iFunBox window or iTool Window. If not just reinstall your iFunBox software.


Step 7) After successful installation of the software; in its interface; open the left panel and there we will see ‘Cydia App Install’ in ‘Connect Devices’ option in iFunBox just click on that.


Step 8) Now drag XModGames.Deb into Cydia App Install section of iFunBox .it automatically installs into your iOS device.

Step 9) Just restart your iOS device.

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That’s you can enjoy by playing all the games in that. If you have any doubts just refer the all above steps again or comment below. Finally, I Conclude this article is all about”How to Download XModGames For iOS WithOut JailBreaking iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch“. If you get benefited from this article consider sharing this article with your friends too. Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit again.

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  1. there is no Cydia App Install in ‘Connect Devices’ option in iFunBox why ?

    • Which iOS version are you using right now, if Cydia App Install is not available then try iTools.

      • How do you install it on iTools

    • xXTrident_GamingXx on

      same hear is it because im not jailbroken?

    • When there is a will there is a way dear, you didn’t mention your problem, if you mention what kind of error you are facing, I will try my level best to give you the best solution. Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit again.