Download WhatsApp For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Without Jailbreak

WhatsApp For iPhone/iPad mini/iPad Air/iPod Touch Without Jailbreak: WhatsApp is one the most popular instant messaging apps in the present busy tech world. It allows you to send text, pictures, videos and so on along with the feature of audio calling. WhatsApp for iPhone is available but it is not there for iPad or iPod Touch in the beginning. Now anyhow there is a possibility of installing WhatsApp for iPhone, iPad mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch without jailbreak.

That is what you are going to know in this tutorial in a simple manner. Let’s see step by step procedure of “How to Download & Install Whatsapp for iPhone free without the need of jailbreak“. You can also use WhatsApp Web on your Android & iOS devices.

WhatsApp For iPhone Interesting Features:

  • You can send messages, audio chat (100 % phone calls free), pictures, videos through this amazing messenger.
  • You can Also Do Message swiping and muting by Latest WhatsApp For iOS.
  • From Apple Maps, you can also share your location.
  • From Contacts app also, you can share your location.
  • WhatsApp For iPhone/iPad/iPod consumes Lower data .
  • You can also backup you Videos.

Must Do things Before Installing WhatsApp For iPhone/iPad/iPod Without Jailbreak:

Don’t forget to do all the things which I mentioned below to get WhatsApp For iPhone without any fail and make this works.

First of all Download the latest iFunBox application on your Mac Computer or Windows 10/8.1/7 platform

Note: Don’t forget to delete WhatsApp, if it is already installed in your Device].

All iPhone users like iPhone 6, iPhone 4, iPhone 5/5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4s and all other iPhone/iOS versions user can also have a chance to use this tremendous messenger app, you can also follow all the below steps on your respected devices.

Steps to Download & Install WhatsApp on iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch Without Jailbreak:

Step 1) First thing is to have WhatsApp(.ipa) file into your PC(Windows 10/8.1/7)/Mac Computer from iTunes Store. For that, just go to iTunes Store and type WhatsApp in the “search bar“. You will find WhatsApp under iPhone app list, just download it.

Step 2) Now move the Whatsapp(.ipa) file from iTunes to your desktop. The path where the .ipa file downloaded depends on your Operating System.

Step 3) Once you find the .ipa file, just move it to your desktop.

Step 4) Now download iFunBox in your PC with Windows/Mac from the above-mentioned link.

Step 5) Just double click on the iFunBox to start the installation. Once installed, connect your iPad or iPod Touch to your PC and open iFunBox from Manage Files.

Step 6) Tap on the green Install app button on your screen and browse WhatsApp .ipa file on your desktop. iFunBox starts installing the app.

Step 7) Don’t think that the process is completed. Even though installation is completed, you need to add library files from iPhone to activate it.

Step 8) Take iPhone from your friends just for half an hour. Download WhatsApp from Playstore and open it. Register with the number you wish to have on your iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 9) Disconnect iPad or iPod Touch from your PC with Windows/Mac and connect iPhone. Then navigate through My Device –> iFunBox Classic –> User Applications and double click on WhatsApp icon.

Step 10) Copy Library and documents to your PC with Windows/Mac.

Step 11) Almost completed, this is the last step. Unplug your iPhone from PC and connect iPad or iPod Touch. Again navigate through ‘My Device‘ >> ‘iFunBox Classic‘ >> ‘User Applications‘ >> ‘WhatsApp‘.

Step 12) Replace the library and documents of WhatsApp For iPhone in your iPad or iPod Touch with the library and documents copied from iPhone to PC.


Now WhatsApp For iPhone gets activated on your iPad or iPod Touch without jailbreaking. Happily, message your friends and lovely buddies from your iPad or iPod Touch. After completion of installation process, you can easily learn”How to use WhatsApp application on iPhone” on your own. After reading all the steps you can also activate WhatsApp Video Calling on your iOS devices.

If you get benefited from this Article”How to Download WhatsApp for iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch on iOS 10.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, iOS 9.4.1, 9.3.3 Without Jailbreak“, consider share this Article with your friends too. Facing any problems or errors while installing feel free to ask me, For more updates visit again.

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