Download TweetDeck iPA For iOS on iPhone, iPad No Jailbreak

If you want to Tweek like a Pro, want to manage multiple twitter accounts at a time, then get TweetDeck iPA Download on iPhone, iPad. Yes you can swift between different twitter accounts. Ok, let’s read more to Download TweetDeck iPA on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak.

TweekDeck is most powerfull twitter tools which allows you to organize mulitple twitter accounts and you can also swift between your multiple twitter accounts. This is the tools which is used for better organizing, real-time tracking, and engagement with your twitter followers. TweetDeck gives you great twitter experience by letting you view multiple twitter timelines at a time.


Shifting Between TweekDeck Multiple Accounts

As I said above,the fatures of TweetDeck itself describes about the app, this is a social meadi based application for the management of twitter accounts. If you have multiple twitter accounts for personal use, business purpose, family purpose, then you must need app like TweetDeck to manage your mulitple twitter timelines at a time on your iOS devices.

  • Note: If you are using older iOS versions, then upgrade your iOS version to new versions because our TweetDeck iPA may not work for the older versions.


  1. Windows or Mac PC/Laptop.
  2. TweetDeck iPA.
  3. Cydia Impactor or X code 7 to sideload iOS apps on Windows or Mac.
  4. USB cable to connect your iDevice to Windows or Mac.
  5. Active internet connection.

Download TweetDeck iPA iOS 11, 10+, 9+, 8+, 7+ Without Jailbreak:

TweetDeck have mutliple columns in it. Here I will give full column list. Thoses are Home, User, Notifications, Search, Lists, Collection, Activity, Likes, Messages (one account), Mentions (one account),  Followers,  Scheduled, Messages (all accounts). What are waiting for get TweekDeck Download, these columns are enough for you I think to choose this app.

TweekDeck Columns

TweekDeck Columns (PC:

TweetDeck gives you Dashboard which have all the columns which I have mentioned above. This dashboard is very userful for the users who have multiple Twitter accounts.

Yes, TweetDeck is ideal for both individuals and businesses that need better organization of their social profiles and needs to manage multiple accounts. Here I will give you TweetDeck iPA file for iOS users only. After Downloading TweetDeck iPA, follow my steps to install TweetDeck on iOS For iPhone, iPad.

  • Question: is TweekDeck is only Work for Twitter?
  • Answer: The name itself describes that it is only works for Twitter.

Before entering into the installation procedure of TweekDeck iPA let me tell you some interesting features of TweekDeck iOS.

Features of TweekDeck:

  1. You can manage multiple twitter accounts at a time.
  2. Shift between multiple twitter accounts with the TweekDeck Dashboard.
  3. Tweek Like A Pro.
  4. Schedule Tweets for posting in the future.
  5. Manage multiple twitter accounts for individual, business and family purposes.
  6. You can use TweekDeck for corporate or Team environment.

How to Install TweetDeck iPA on iPhone, iPad No Jailbreak:

Step 1) First of all Download & Install Cydia Impactor or Xcode 7 on Windows or Mac.

Download Cydia Impactor

Download Xcode 7

  • Note: Cydia Impactor or X code 7 help us to sideload iOS iPA files on iDevice from Windows or Mac.

Step 2) Now Download TweekDeck iPA iOS on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak.


Step 3) Connect your iDevice to Windows or Mac with the help of USB cable, and check whether your device is connected or not.


Connect iPhone iPad to Cydia Impactor

  • Note: Open Cydia Impactor on your Windows or Mac, there check your device model on Cydia Impactor, if your device model is there, then you device is connected to Cydia Impactor.

Step 4) Now simply drag and drop TweekDeck iPA file onto Cydia Impactor.

Step 5) After drop the iPA file you will get a pop-up which is asking you for Apple ID & Password.


Apple ID & Password to Install TweekDeck iPA

  • Note: If you are not interested to give your original Apple ID login credentials, then create a new one and use it to install TweekDeck iPad, iPhone.

Step 6) Now Installation process starts, wait for sometime, afterthat navigate to the home screen, there you can see TweekDeck Installed successfully.

How to Use TweekDeck:

  1. First open your iDevice go to or open TweekDeck on iPhone, iPad login with your mulitple twitter accounts.
  2. Here I always recommend my users only login with the twitter account which is not shared with your friends and family.
  3. Once you are login, then after you can manage your multiple twitter account from TweekDeck Dashboard.

Fix TweekDeck Not Working Issues:

When you are trying to open the TweekDeck App, you may face TweekDeck Untrusted Enterprise Developer pop-up, don’t bother simply follow the below steps to fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer pop-up.

<= iOS 9"Settings" >> "General Settings" >> "Profile" click on "Trust".
iOS 9.2 & 9.3 >="Settings" >> "General Settings" >> "Device Management" >> "Profile" click on "Trust".

Trust the app before going to use it to avoid Untrusted Enterprise Developer Pop-up.


That’s it kudos, I provide you all the basic intlo to install TweekDeck iPA iOS Without Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad. Yes, dear TweekDeck app is now owned by Twitter and co…

Finally, I conclude this article is mainly belogs to “Download TweekDeck iPA iOS“, “TweekDeck Install on iPhone, iPad“. Please share this article with your friends and family, and let us improve our brand. Thank’s for visiting, for more apps like TweekDeck visitback to FixiOSDownlaods.

Update: After my recent research Hootsuite is TweekDeck iOS Alternative.

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