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Pandora++ For iOS Download: Pandora Radio app is a music library and radio which offers users to both types of features to enjoy personalized music what they want to listen. Here in this article mainly I will show you “How to Download Pandora++ For iOS” on iPhone, iPad without the jailbreak. Just follow few steps to install Pandora radio for iOS. Pandora++ is an amazing and best-tweaked app which gives you more features compared to the original Pandora. You can get Free Music Downloads on Pandora++.

[box type=”warning”] Disclaimer: Howdy, friends I write this article only for educational purpose. So kindly use this app for educational and knowledge purpose. FixiOSDownloads may not responsible for any violation of terms and conditions laid out by the original app developers. My best suggestion is kindly to buy the from the developers, they improve the app and add more features for the users. [/box]

I think this Pandora++  app is very famous in the USA. In the USA every music lover will familiar with Pandora Radio which gives user personalized music experience. This type of feature allows users to create personalized radio and music lists to full fill their tastes. Pandora++ app gives users to create favorite artists, tracks, or genres for an enhanced listening experience. This app mostly concentrates on the music side, not on the Radio side, it’s my only opinion as by comparisons.

Pandora For iOS/iPhone Compatibility:

iDevices:iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S,iPhone 6Se, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch
iOS Versions:iOS 10.3.5, iOS 10.3.4, iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.1, iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.1.1, iOS 10.0.1, iOS 10.0.2, iOS 9.3.4, iOS 9.3.5, iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.1, iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 8.4.1, iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0, iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 7.1.2, iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7, iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3, iOS 7.0.4.


  1. Windows PC/Laptop or Mac Computer with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Mac OS X.
  2. Cydia Impactor tool or XCode.
  3. Pandora++ iPA file.
  4. Data cable to connect your iDevice with Windows or Mac.

Pandora++ Download For iOS 10+/9+/8+ on iPhone, iPad:

Yes, there are the hell lot of other alternatives are available on the web to give users personalized music like as Spotify premium which gives premium features for the users. Pandora++ is a tweaked app which is an advanced version of the Pandora radio app. The app is not signed in on Apple AppStore, You need to sign in with your own. Read few more steps to install Pandora radio app on iPhone, iPad.

[box] Note: Actually, we can’t installed tweaked apps directly, we need to use the third-party device like windows or mac to install iPA files on iPhone or iPad through different types of tools like Cydia Impactor or XCode.[/box]

As I said Pandora++ is a tweaked version of the official iOS app, which is created by the third party person which may include more features compared to the original one. Actually, Pandora++ is not available on the Apple AppStore, actually, to install Pandora++ on your iPhone or iPad you need to jailbreak your iDevice. But don’t about jailbreaking here in this article I will show a different to Download Pandora++ & Install on iOS without Jailbreaking.

More Info About Pandora++:

The only problem with Pandora is it has huge limitations like it is limited to only a few countries like the USA, United kingdom if you go outside of those limited countries you need to forget about Pandora. My suggestion is to download Pandora++ before you are going to buy the full-time subscription. use this app to know the real features of Pandora after that uninstall the app and download the original one with the full-time subscription. Installing an updated version of Pandora from the App Store may overwrite the tweaked version; hence, you may lose all the tweaked features provided in Pandora++.

[box type=”info”] Note: As I said earlier Pandora++ is a tweaked app of original Pandora radio app, so you need to uninstall the Pandora radio app if you have already installed on your iDevice. the only reason you can’t keep both on your iDevice. [/box]

Features of Pandora++

Once you install Pandora++ on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll unlock the following additional features within the app, even if you are a free user of Pandora:

  • No Ads.
  • You can have a chance to enjoy High-Quality Stream.
  • You can Download files to listen when you are offline.
  • Unlimited Skips available.
  • Unrestricted access (Use Pandora from any location).
  • No Delay Button Skip.
  • No 180 minutes timeout.

How to Install Pandora Radio App on iOS (iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak:

Step 1) First of Download Cydia Impactor on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Mac OS X.

Step 2) Now read my full article from the above link to sideload iOS apps on iPhone, iPad with the help of Windows or Mac Computer through Cydia Impactor.


Download Cydia Impactor & Pandora++ iPA File

Step 3) Here Download Pandora++ iPA file from the below link.


Step 4) Here Connect your iDevice to Windows or Mac through Data cable, after connect to your iDevice to Cydia Impactor you will see your iDevice ID series.


Drag Pandora++ iPA file to Cydia Impactor and Click on Start

Step 5) Now open Cydia Impactor and then drag and drop the iPA file to the Cydia Impactor.

Step 6) Here it will ask you for Apple ID means iTunes E-Mail and Password details to sign in.


Sign in to get Pandora++ Download

Step 7) Now navigate to the home screen on your iPhone, iPad. There you can find Pandora Radio app open the app and enjoy all features.


Install Pandora++ iPhone-iPad

Install Pandora++ For iOS 10+/9+/8+ on iPhone iPad

  • Here you need to change some settings to get High Audio quality

“Menu” >> “Settings” >> “Advanced” >> “Toggle on Higher Audio Quality”.

Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error in Pandora++

After Downloading and Installing Pandora++ For iOS on iPhone, iPad you need to change some settings on your iDevice. When you are trying to open the app you may get errors like Untrusted Enterprise Developer which means you need to trust the app, Follow my steps below to fix the error.

For iOS 9 or below: open iDevice and then go to ‘Settings‘ >> ‘General Setting‘ >> ‘Profile‘ >> ‘Trust‘.

For iOS 9.2 & 9.3 or later: open iDevice navigate to ‘Settings‘ >> ‘General Setting‘ >> ‘Device Management‘ >> ‘Profile‘ >> ‘Trust‘.

Pros & Cons:

Pandora is a popular radio app and online music playerYou can only skip six songs per hour.
You can listen to personalized playlists whatever you want to listenPandora Radio supporting an Adds.
Pandora app is available for free. Here Download Pandora++ for Free

That’s it, Kudos, My turn is over it’s your turn what are you waiting for simply open the app and enjoy the both Music Player and Radio on your iDevice. If you feel like this article help you to get your personalized music then share this with your friends too. Finally, my conclusion about this article is all about “How to Download Pandora++ For iOS on iPhone, iPad No Jailbreak“. For more updates like this, you can visit back to FixiOSDownloads. If you face any errors while installing Pandora Radio app let know through comments. Thank’s for reading.

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  1. This doesn’t work. Keeps staying stuck on verifying application. Is there a way around this?? Please email me back I am using pandora plus version 8.6 and the latest Cydia impactor

    • Sai Nag Marthandam on

      Ya, sure I will mail you back after I get the solution for your issue.

  2. Hi I have pandora++ in build ios and is not working i have ads i can’t skip please let me know what can I do thank you