iCydia Download For iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+ No Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod

iCydia For iOS 9+/10+/8+/7+: Hai dear, have you ever feel “Cydia” on your non-jailbroken iDevice means iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. If not here I am giving you one the best Cydia Emulator for your iDevice No jailbreak. Actually, I am aware of so many iPhone Emulators like iApps4u, iOSEmus, AppiShare and much more you can read on fixiosdownloads, but I feel somewhat happy with Cydia. I think reason only knows who Jailbreak their iDevice only for Cydia.

After installing iCydia you will get premium apps, tweaked apps and games for free, the best part is that too without the need of jailbreaking. Here we go, let me tell you “How to Download iCydia For iOS 10.2, 10.1, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, iOS 9.3.5, 9.3.3, iOS 9+, 8+, 7+“. Before that let me tell you some info about Cydia.

  • Question: What is Cydia?
  • Answer: Cydia is an iDevice app which allows us to download and install other app packages on iDevices like iPhone, iPad iPod Touch after jailbreaking. From my opinion, Cydia is almost similar to Apple App Store because the only reason why I think like that means both of them are giving us millions of applications based on our needs. [Source]
Compatibility Check:
  1. iOS Versions: iOS 10.2, 10.1, 10.1.1, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, iOS 10, iOS 9.4.1, 9.4.2, iOS 9.3.5, 9.3.4, 9.3.3, 9.3, iOS 9.2.1, 9.2.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9+, iOS 8+, iOS 7+.
  2. iDevices: iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S,iPhone 6Se, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch.

Free Download iCydia For iOS 10.1/10.2, iOS 9.3.5/9.3.3/9.2.1, iOS 9+, 8+, 7+ No Jailbreak iPhone, iPad:

Yes, in older days to get Cydia everyone jailbreaks their iDevice, so many my friends also did the same, finally what happen’s maybe they get amazing features with Cydia but they lose their device warranty, so be cautious before you jailbreak your iDevice. Don’t worry about that, here in this post, I am going to give you Cydia that too no need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Now it’s time to follow my steps to install iCydia For iOS 10.2, 10.1, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, iOS 9.3.5, 9.3.4, 9.3.3, 9.4.1, iOS 9+, iOS 8+, iOS 7+ on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. 

iCydia is an alternative to an installous app, which allows both jailbreak and non-jailbreak users to enjoy all the features on their Apple devices. From my experience, I suggest you all at least have a try on this app to get premium tweaked games and apps for free.

Interesting Features which made to Download Cydia:

  • An easy user interface which everyone can understand and easy to navigate.
  • You can download paid apps for free.
  • The main interesting feature is you can feel the Cydia on your iDevice without jailbreaking.
  • Very fast compared to other apps.

How to Install iCydia For iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+ on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch No Jailbreak:

Step 1) First of all open you iPhone, iPad and then open Safari Browser only to avoid unnecessary pop-ups after that navigate to the below link.


Step 2) After entering into that link you will see “Install” option click on it to Download iCydia For iOS Without Jailbreak (iCydia Does not harm your device).


Step 3) Now you will navigate to iCydia install profile page click on “Install” at the top right.


Step 4) After that you will on warning pop-up like “Installing this profile will change the settings on your iDevice”, ignore everything just trust me nothing gonna happen to your iDevice just tap on “Install Now“.


Step 5) It’s time to navigate to the home screen, there you will find the iCydia installation process. After completion of installation open the app and enjoy its features.


Step 6) When you open the app you will see two types of categories like “Most popular apps” and “Recently updated apps” and you will find Home, Apps, Premium, Updates and Settings at the bottom of the screen.


How to Fix iCydia Untrusted Enterprise Developer:

If you get Untrusted Enterprise error when you are going to launch the app, then that means you need to trust the app, why because don’t forget one thing we are installing the app which is not available in the iTunes means which is kicked by apple, so after installing when you are trying to open the iCydia it may ask your permission to trust the app. Follow my steps to Trust the app.

Settings” >> “General” >> “Profiles & Device Management” and Trust the app profile.

That’s it, dear my work is done. Now it’s your turn open the non-jailbroken Cydia. You may face some errors like “Unable to install iCydia”, Unable to download iCydia” or “iCydia could not be installed/downloaded at this time”. Don’t worry follow this procedure, if you are facing any errors from the list comment me below, I will try my level best to give you the solution. This article is all about “How to Download & Install iCydia For iOS 10+, 9+, 8+, 7+ No Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch“. Thank’s for your valuable time, for more updates visit again.

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  1. Please tell me how can i uninstall icydia?

    • Sai Nag Marthandam on

      I think it’s is very simply process, tap on iCydia app for a while, when you get the close mark on the iCydia, close it and delete it. After that clear all the cache from iCydia.